Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Beau Samuel James ♥

On May 19th at 7.05pm mine and Jacek's second precious son Beau Samuel James arrived into this world and our lives and family were made complete. Our hearts are so full of love right now for this beautiful baby boy and we are so unbelievably happy to be blessed with him in our lives.

Beau is an absolute dream, he is such a placid, content and peaceful little baby who likes nothing more than lying on my chest enjoying warm and loving snuggles. I seriously can't get enough of him, he's amazing. I'm absolutely loving these precious moments with him and am cherishing them as much as I possibly can. He is such a hungry boy and considering he weighs 9lbs 7oz it's not hard to see why! He is also 54 and a half centimeters long so he's also a tall boy.

I can't believe how much he looks like Tyler Lee, they really are a mirror image of each other at the baby stage, except for the fact that Beau's hair is a lot lighter - Tyler Lee's was very dark brown at birth, whereas Beau's is dirty blonde and oh so shiny, it's beautiful. He also has beautiful blue eyes and I suspect that they'll be the same dark blue colour of his brothers - we're a family of blue eyed people.

Beau was named by his big brother, who had been affectionately calling my bump 'Baby Beau' ever since we suggested a list of names to him, from that moment we knew that if we had a boy his name would be Beau and I think it suits his handsome self so well.

Beau is suffering with jaundice and we had an emotional few days in hospital where he was placed on a biliblanket for twelve hours to receive phototherapy treatment. We have to return to the hospital today to have his bilirubin levels rechecked and I'm hoping and praying that they'll have gone down even further. It's heartbreaking to see your poor little baby having to get blood taken - he's had blood taken from him about eight times since he was born and considering he's only four days old it's so hard to watch, even if I know it's for the greater good.

We are so unbelievably happy to finally have our beautiful little boy with us. Forty-one weeks of pregnancy was definitely a very long wait, but surprisingly he came very quickly in the end - just over an hour after we arrived at hospital, meaning no pain relief for me! Seeing him for the first time was such an emotional and joyous moment, I remember asking Jacek - "Is it a boy?" and was so delighted when he said yes. Those first few moments were so amazing and I'll never forget them.

We are now trying to settle into life as a family of four and Jacek and I are absolutely besotted with having two beautiful boys. Our days are now very busy, loud, chaotic, tiring and short, but oh my goodness are they wonderful!

Welcome to the world Beau, our precious little angel man. We love you oh so much ♥



  1. Welcome to the world little Beau!

    He is a cutie, I hope he is over his jaundice now, and you are all settling in and getting to know each other.

  2. Congratulations to you all! Such a lovely name, Baby Beau is gorgeous! I hope you're both doing well xx

  3. Huge congratulations he is adorable. I love his name & he really does look so like his brother. I hope you enjoy every minute as a family of four xx

  4. Welcome Beau! What beautiful pictures you've shown us :)

  5. Aww! Welcome to the world little one...
    He is just beautiful! Congratulations x

  6. Congratulations, such a gorgeous boy and a lovely name

  7. Aww congratulations I've been waiting to see when little one arrived. Such a gorgeous little boy love the name hello beau

  8. Ohh welcome to this world little doll. Congratulations, he looks so adorable and what a beautiful name! X

  9. Congratulations Fiona, Tyler and Jacek. Beau is such a beautiful baby and hope the bilirubin is back to normal.

  10. Awwwwww he is so perfect, look at his beautiful eyes. He is gorgeous and I love the name, Tyler did a good job and sorry to hear about his jaundice. I had it when I was born too and its something I still have today x

  11. Aw many congratulations hun and he is just beautiful and I adore the name x

  12. Brilliant! Many, many congrats and welcome, Beau. 9lb 7ozs - well done to you! :D

  13. Congratulations! He is such a gorgeous little thing!

  14. I'm so pleased to here that Beau arrived safely. He is gorgeous and that is a gorgeous name. Enjoy this special time with him

  15. So many congratulations, absolute darling little man! xx


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