Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tyler Lee's Easter Basket | 2016 ♥

Every year I put together an Easter basket for my boy and it's something I thoroughly enjoy doing for him. Ever since I was a child, Easter has always been one of my favourite times of year and although I never received an Easter basket myself, my mam always made sure we had a chocolate egg and a surprise - one year, much to mine and my brothers delight, this was real live bunnies! I want my son to have the same fond memories of Easter and I love making the day as fun and as special as I possibly can for us all.

This year I'm recycling a few items for my boys basket as he hasn't really looked at the Peter Rabbit books much, due to their Easter theme and he now has a fondness for Peter Rabbit (just like his mummy), so I thought it'd be nice to include these books again for him.

Once again this basket was very cheap to put together. Jacek and I picked up the majority of the basket contents in Dealz and Aldi. I don't want Tyler Lee's Easter basket to be something to rival his Christmas Eve one, it's just simply a nice surprise for him to rifle through on Easter morning and I'd very much like to keep it that way.

 Included in Tyler Lee's basket this year are:

The Bunny of Bluebell Hill book.
Little Lamb to the Rescue book.
Peter Rabbit Easter Surprise book.
Happy Easter Peter book.
A sweet little yellow bucket for our Easter egg hunt, we'll put his crayons in it after Easter.
Bunny Boppers.
Natures Purest Pure Love Boy Bunny.
Chocolate Easter bunnies.
Cadbury's Buttons Easter egg and packet of buttons.
Milky Bar chocolate treats.

I decorated the basket (which is one I got in Penneys awhile back) with some blue and white polkadot ribbon, a little wooden rabbit decoration and some decorated eggs which I also got in Dealz, I'll be using these as part of our Easter egg hunt again. As you can see, we haven't gone overboard with the basket, it has a nice array of things in there and nothing expensive at all, the most I spent was €12 and I think that's perfectly acceptable, especially as people would be spending that much on a few Easter eggs anyway.

If you're looking for some more Easter basket inspiration you can see the baskets I've put together for Tyler Lee for the past two Easters here.

Do you put together an Easter basket for your little ones?



  1. I don't. But that looks like a great idea! I love the details you put in. It's like Christmas in Easter :)

  2. That looks so pretty - and I love the easter banner too!

  3. oh this is so pretty I want one myself never mind the kids

  4. Very pretty! We're doing an alternative Easter Basket that doesn't include chocolate:) love the pastel colours xx

  5. Ahh this is lovely. I bet he will love it! I'm doing a little easter box for Ethan and Logan. :)

  6. I think this looks amazing and quite want one myself now, especially for the chocolate x

  7. Oh what a beautiful Easter Basket. I'm going to be in hospital at Easter and am trying to plan something for my hubby to give Sylvia while i'm away! This is a fabulous idea so thanks so much. It's perfect! Angela from Daysinbed

  8. This is such a lovely idea, that Easter basket looks fab! I've bought my daughter a few little Easter gifts, might have to get a basket to put it all in :)

  9. I love how you put these easter baskets together, they always come out looking nice and have variety of items not just chocolates which is awesome.

  10. I've never done an Easter basket for my kids, but these look amazing!

  11. I love this idea, I like that you have included books aswell as chocolate x

  12. Brilliant idea. I have never done this for my kids. I will be taking a cue from you this Easter for my first Easter Basket. :)

  13. Aw I think it is wonderful that you have put together an Easter Egg basket and there is so much to choose from too!

  14. I think this is a lovely simple treat to celebrate with. I think you are right about recycling some books, there's some we could use to put this together that the girls have forgotten about

  15. That does look fun and I like that it isn't too heavy on the chocolate (got to have some though).

  16. What a lucky boy - mine would love one of these

  17. Aww its lovely, we aren't big on Easter in this house. Our son will do a little egg hunt and that is about it

  18. This looks so pretty. And though we don't do baskets, there is lots of chocolate eggs in our house :)

  19. Gorgeous basket. I haven't put anything together. He's just getting his egg and 1 or 2 presents that he will look for in the garden.


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