Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Life Lately... ♥

Lately my mind hasn't been focused on the things that it should be and I've found myself getting caught up with superficial things - like comparing how well I'm doing to how well others are doing (my biggest weakness and the thing I hate most about myself), worrying about opportunities and trying to keep my stats up where I expect them to be, all things of a virtual nature, things that shouldn't be keeping me up at night, but sadly, they were. 

This little blog of mine was taking over my life and becoming something I didn't want it to be at all - a nuisance and drain on my well-being, rather than a positive outlet for me to express my creativity, air my thoughts and to document mine and my family's life together. I had to put the breaks on and think to myself - "what the hell am I doing?"

I took some time over the weekend to focus on what I want to do with my life, how I want to express myself, what I want to share, how I want to portray myself to the world and I vowed to be grateful for every single good thing that came my way. I took a step back, didn't turn on the laptop and realised that there's more to life than just blogging about it, instead I chose to get out there and live it and you know what, I already feel one hundred times better than I did last week.

I've taken the time to play with my son, catch up with friends, get out in the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine and spend some time with my mother. Last night I even found myself reading a magazine from front to back cover without touching my phone (this is unheard of for me as I constantly have it in my hand!) and a simple thing like this made me happy, I began to finally feel like I'm not a slave to my blogger status or my online life. 

Just because I blog doesn't mean that I need to be online twenty-four seven. I don't need to chase opportunities or promote my posts to death just to get noticed. I just want to be real. I want to share things that I find worthy on this blog and I now know that I don't have to post on a daily basis (unless I want to of course), quality over quantity and all that jazz. I need to start living in reality and doing things that make me happy again.

I'm going to become a mother again in May (if all goes to plan and baby stays in there that long of course!) and I need to get into the right mindset and be prepared. I don't want to suffer with horrific and dehumanising post-natal depression like I did after I had my son. It destroyed me as a person and I don't want to return to that dark and lonely place. This is why happiness and living life how I actually want to, need to take priority over everything else.

Everyone should be allowed to live a life they want and I'm finally taking the time and the right steps forward to make sure that I'm doing that for myself and my family.




  1. I know exactly how your feeling. I have been feeling that that too. My blog really has been taking up all my spare time which in turn takes me away from being a Mummy and Partner. Im trying to take a bit of a back seat too. Its hard though. x

    1. It can be very hard, especially if your blog is your livelihood too. I'm just sick of feeling down on myself due to it you know x

  2. I've just been through this my self an only blogging a few times a week. I remembered why I started and have been going on with that in mind. I took a good two months off which was good.

    1. I think everyone goes through it at some stage. It's good that you were able to take some time off from it all and realise why you began in the first place.

  3. I can relate to this. I ended up hardly blogging at all last month and I was so worried I'd loose my "blogging mojo" but I didn't. It's nice to be back to blogging again now of course but I need to limit my time and not let it over take my life. I'm glad you managed to get out and catch up with friends etc, it's always refreshing to just take a step back. xx

  4. You sound very positive, it's good to step back and take stock, you look after yourself and your little one xxx

  5. Lovely post Fiona. Someone once said to me to put the energy I have into my own business instead of looking to competitors and it really works. I did blog for a company for a while and put myself under pressure to produce a blog every week. This didn't bring out the best in me and those blog posts never flowed. I now blog when something is itching inside of me to write about. I know it doesn't always link up with my photography business but that doesn't bother me because I want it to continue being something that I love to do rather than something I feel I have to do. Concentrate now on getting yourself ready for your new baby and blog when you are ready. I guarantee you that you will blog at your best then when you're not under pressure x

  6. I think it is just a matter of finding a balance but like most thinks in life that can be easier said than done xo

  7. As you know, I totally relate. It's so hard to compare and get caught up in it all, but taking time away is the best way to cure it. It's our livelihood sure...but no job should ever take over your thoughts 24/7, even one that's also a passionate hobby. xx

  8. It's wonderful to take a set back and take some time for yourself. I took a lot of time off after a hard year and bad breakup and it feels nice to be back to blogging xx


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