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How To Wear Dresses In Winter | Fashion & Style ♥

Some women never even consider wearing dresses when the temperatures start dropping outside. However, just because it's cold out doesn't mean you have to pack up all your prettiest outfits! In fact, I only ever wear dresses and I've stated on the blog before about how I only buy clothing that will transition from season to season. When you learn how to think creatively fashion-wise (and gain some knowledge about layering), it can open up a whole new fashion world for you.

Actually, the knowledge about how to wear dresses in winter can enhance your sense of style and project a care-free personality - always a good quality to have, especially when it comes to expressing yourself through the clothes you wear. Accessories can be a wonderful way of maintaining your warmth during cold winter days and making your outfit stand out even more. Things like cardigans, scarves, thicker socks, tights, leggings, boots and other accessories can help to keep you warm while you rock a stylish and playful look. What's best, it's not expensive to get any of those if you don't have anything suitable yet, with Discountrue coupons for stores such as Target (if you're in the U.S.) and other popular outlets you should be able to find everything you need at an affordable price!

If you want to turn your dress into something appropriate for all seasons, even in the cold heart of winter, here are a few helpful tips -

1.       Try combining accessories to help hold in the areas where heat escapes the most - we're talking the ankles, wrists, head. Pairing a dress with a matching blazer and some black tights can be a good idea – top that off with a nice pair of ankle boots (my favourite). Color coordinate it all, and you have a nice winter style that is sure to get the attention of onlookers.

2.       Learn to think in terms of layers. Wherever you can add something that works well together, try it on to see how you like it. You can work with a hat, matching coat, a nice cardigan, a flashy scarf, some knee socks or high boots, the sky is the limit!

3.       If you love a bit of a 'punk-rock' fashion, try throwing together a thick knit scarf with a long cardigan and combat boots. Don't forget to add some thick socks. I love mixing up my pretty floral dresses with chunky knits and studded ankle boots, it's a look I'll always be sporting during the winter months.

4.       Wearing high knee boots is always a good way to rock a dress in winter. If you're not a fan of tights then knee high socks are a great way to go. They can be warm and stylish and are great for adding a quirky feel to a winter outfit. They also look great peeping out of tall boots.

The main thing is to be creative, express your own personal style and as mentioned above, 'think in layers'. Common sense tells you that the more you have on the better chance you'll have of staying warm (so important! I learnt the hard way that ballet pumps aren't suitable footwear for the winter months!) and learning how to colour coordinate using so many accessories can be much more than making a fashion statement, it can be quite fun as well! 

So, put your thinking cap on and go through your closet and drawers. Keep that favorite dress at the forefront of your wardrobe and learn how to wear dresses in winter. 

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  1. we share this in common hun im all about the dresses it something im none for so im told.i just find them way more comfy and i love that i can wear them all year through. One thing i find difficult to get is the chunky knits where do you find best to buy yours? TIA x x

    1. I get them in Penneys or New Look when they're in season. The ones I wear almost every day are from Penneys are they're lovely and warm too, although they do get bobbly from the washing machine pretty fast x


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