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Kids Clothing 101 | What To Pack For An Autumn/Winter Getaway ♥

The run up to a family holiday should be an exciting time, particularly for you. After all, the promise of a change of scenery and a chance to escape the daily grind of housework and never-ending errands can seem like bliss. So, why is it that each and every year you book a break, you spend the best part of a fortnight leading up to it in absolute chaos? With things to purchase and packing to sort, it can seem like there’s a constant stream of things to do. So, with that in mind, we’re hoping to take at least one thing off your mind: what to pack for your autumn/winter getaway.

Of course, this very much depends on your destination of choice. But today I'm talking UK ‘staycations’, because a family holiday doesn’t always have to mean a trip abroad. It might be that you’re heading for a weekend to London’s popular Winter Wonderland, or just escaping the rat race to see family and friends over the festive period.

So, here’s what to pack:

1. Raincoat and Wellies – An absolute must if you’re staying on home soil, a raincoat and wellies will be worth their weight in gold – particularly if you’re planning on venturing outside a bit. The truth is, you can’t rely on the British weather – and a few days of torrential rain will – quite literally – put a dampener on your break. It might even cause the onset of winter coughs and colds in your little one, so make sure you encourage them to wrap up warm and they can splash about to their heart’s content.

2. Chunky Knits – Kids get through clothing like…er…well…it’s going out of fashion. So if you’re going away for three days and you’re considering just three jumpers, think again. A bout of that aforementioned rain will render at least one or two jumpers useless, as you try to dry them out on old radiators. It really is worth over-packing, as it makes more sense to take more than you need, than having to dash out and spend money on emergency knitwear. Think about doing your pre-holiday shopping online to cut out some of the hassle in the already-stressful few days leading up to your holiday. You can pick up some gorgeous boys’ clothing online, which is both stylish, practical and durable.

3. Gloves, Hats and Mittens – Again, anyone who regularly holidays in the UK during the winter will know these are as essential as a good, thick coat. If you’re not short on time, think about knitting a pair of gloves, or a cool hat; it’ll give your little one chance to choose exactly what they want. Instead, head down to the high street for even more affordable options. Plus, some of the bigger supermarkets are really upping their game in terms of children’s clothing; it really is worth checking them out if you’re after a bargain.

4. Cosy Nightwear – If you’ve booked a cottage here in the UK, the chances are you’ll be spending more than a couple of nights cosying up in front of the fire. Make sure your evenings in are even more comfortable by packing the right kind of nightwear. Fleecy soft all-in-ones are a great idea, as are velour-style pants and top combos. Think also about treating your little ones to a warm, milky drink before bed, too; it’ll help relax them in time for some serious shut-eye and will ensure they’ve had a good rest before the next day’s activities.

So, there you have it! Alongside these four key items, don’t forget a comfortable pair of shoes, something smart (just in case) and a small but cosy blanket for nights spent in front of the TV.

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