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Irish Driving Habits | What Is Happening Behind The Wheel? ♥

I got my first car when I was seventeen and became a fully qualified driver when I was eighteen, so I've been driving now for almost nine years - I feel quite old realising that! I have to admit, I used to be a lot more confident in the car, but since I had my son I find myself becoming quite a nervous driver, having my hands at 'ten to two' on the wheel at all times and always sticking to the speed limit - as my driving instructor once told me - "it's a limit not a target", if only some other people remembered that too!

Owning and driving a car is such a huge responsibility and I have to admit, my teenage self didn't even contemplate all the things that go into maintaining a car and having it running on the road - tax, insurance and the annual NCT - yes we have to get our cars checked every year as a safety procaution here in Ireland if your car is more than ten years old, which mine is. One thing that came up at my last NCT was that one of my tyres was more than seven years old (eek!) meaning it didn't pass and I had to go for a re-check once I had bought a new tyre. Maintaining your car doesn't have to be expensive though, there are lots of sites where you can order new parts or tyres for affordable prices, Tyre-shopper is one which offers great deals.

Chill Insurance, a leading Irish insurance agency, recently conducted a survey to gain some insight into Irish driving habits and they have compiled their findings into an interesting infographic - some of the findings I can relate to - singing in the car for example, others are quite scary and definitely things I've never done and never will do, for example, 56% of the parents polled stated that they use the rear-view mirror to speak to their children in the back seat! This is a huge no-no for me, I don't even know how people could manage to do that?! Also, 60% stated that they eat behind the wheel - how can you even do this?!

You can take a look at the infographic for yourself below and see if you can relate to the findings.

irish driving habits
*This is a collaborative post on behalf of Chill Insurance.

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  1. - Interesting read - I have many a car picnic!!!


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