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Creating A Parent-Friendly Nursery ♥

 One of the most exciting things for expectant parents is planning and creating the perfect nursery for their new baby. I know that I really can't wait to clear out the box room, give it a fresh lick of paint and decide with Jacek the perfect furniture and additions for the room. We haven't had a chance to do any of this yet as he's been working a lot and Christmas is a busy time for us, but in the new year we'll be making plans and preparations for creating a gorgeous, parent-friendly nursery for our little one - because lets face it, the nursery needs to be practical for us as much as it is stylish.

Expecting a baby is a wonderful, but sometimes stressful, experience for both parents and to prevent any added stress during the time of pregnancy, it is highly recommended to make a checklist or ‘baby registry’ of all the essentials that are required to harmonise the nursery space and tailor it to the baby’s taste and to that of their parents. To help in the process, there are some excellent online resources, such as Kartell, available online from major design furniture stores like Mohd,  which offer great design furniture choices that will shape any nursery into a comfortable, stylish and safe environment.

The main components for the nursery should include items such as a safe and protected cot- with the appropriate height and dimensions to prevent the baby from falling or getting stuck between the cot bars and a cot mattress, pad and the right number of bed-sheets to encourage healthy sleep. The ergonomic aspect is central as the baby needs as much rest as possible and it is a prerogative to prevent back, head or other injuries which may result from incorrect posture. Placing a baby monitor that incorporates both audio and video next to the cot and as close as possible to the baby’s location is definitely recommended to reduce any potential danger and to give parents peace of mind.

Needless to say, the nursery should appeal to the baby, after all, it is the baby’s room so it must have ample space for toys and of course big stuffed animal toys which every baby adores - my son is almost three and is still in love with his comforters and cuddly toys, so sweet! The wall colors should be appropriate for a newborn; nothing too vivid or eye-straining is recommended. Hanging colored lights or fixtures on the walls and the ceiling with fun designs featuring stars, quotes and pretty decal scenes are always popular and are quite cheap too. Additions such as bells, mobiles and toys that can be suspended over the cot for baby's amusement are always lovely to have in a nursery too.

Sharp corners must always be avoided in the nursery to ensure baby's safety, especially when they get to an age where they can roll and play on a mat on the floor. Cabinets and shelves with round edges such the multi-layer round storage cabinets offered by Kartell are preferable for holding baby items such as dolls, stuffed toys and trinkets, while also saving up space in the process. To save parents time when it comes to cleaning and tidying the nursery, the Vintage Gourmet design kitchen containers and canisters are a great choice for storing dirty nappies and baby's laundry.

The Lou Lou Ghost Child’s Chair, perfectly designed for children, is another interesting addition that parents may use to introduce their child to modern design and embellish the nursery with a modern and artistic feel that still retains a child-like quality. Another enjoyable piece for children of all ages is The Bubble Club sofa; with its cartoon-like design, comfort and durability, it's an optimal choice that kids will love and that tmum can also use when breast-feeding, changing nappies, cradling baby or simply relaxing with the baby in her arms. Kartell also has a wide selection of colored tables, plastic chairs and desk organizers, caddies and chest drawers with unusual and fun, creative modern designs that will make the baby starry-eyed and transform the nursery into a space that stirs the imagination and encourages creativity.

You can find more useful tips here to create a safety place at home for children.

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