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Christmas Gifts For Children (2-5) | Toys & Gifts Under £25 ♥

Christmas is forever creeping up on us and I for one still have a lot of shopping to do. I've been agonising over what to get my son, he has quite a lot of toys as it is and I'd rather get things that will grow with him and give him some longevity, rather than something that will be a fad and he'll lose interest in after a couple of days.

I've compiled a list of great toys and gifts, suitable for children aged 2-5 (some even beyond that), that are available for under £25 and I honestly think some of these are proper bargains.

Barbie Rock 'n' Royals Courtney Doll (£24.99) - Barbie was an obsession during my childhood and I always got a new one for Christmas and birthdays (I still walk up the Barbie aisle whenever I'm in a toy shop just to see the new releases... don't judge me!). One of the newest releases is the Rock 'n' Royals Courtney Doll who magically changes from royalty to rockstar. You simply lift the pink microphone to her mouth to activate a dramatic fashion transformation and play two songs clips from the film! How cool is that?!

Peppa Pig Large George Activity Toy* (£14.99) - Each child will always have their own favourite cartoon character and the ones from Peppa Pig seem to be continuously popular amongst the little ones. This large George Activity toy is packed with activities to keep little ones entertained. Pressing his hands lets off a snorting noise or the Peppa Pig theme song - which little ones will definitely recognise! There's also a peek-a-boo mirror, lots of different textures and his favourite dinosaur toy which has a squeaker inside. George is the perfect toy for little Peppa Pig fans to play and snuggle up with.

Melissa & Doug Horse Box* (£12.00) -  Melissa & Doug is brand loved by parents who prefer to treat their little ones to wooden toys. We have some Melissa & Doug toys already and the quality is fantastic. This horse box is the newest to our collection and Tyler really does love it. It's perfect for children who love their vehicle toys as well as animals as it contains two horses (which Tyler calls Grandad's horses) who go in the horse box and there's also a pull down ramp at the back of the box to let the horses in and out. Tyler loves this toy and I love how traditional it looks. It's now only £12 in House of Fraser who currently have some fantastic price offers on their toys.

Mega Bloks First Builders* (£14.99) - Almost every child loves their building blocks and Mega Bloks are a great choice for smaller hands. They're bulkier blocks which make them easier for little ones to stack and build with and this bag has 60 blocks which are sure to give hours of building fun!

Sylvanian Families Chocolate Labrador Family* (£15.99) - We love collecting Sylvanian Families but had no dog family so these Chocolate Labradors were the perfect addition to our collection. Sylvanian Families are such classic looking toys and are fantastic for imaginative play. Plus, once you get one you'll want to start collecting them all!

HappyLand Jumbo Jet Set (£19.99) - We're big fans of the HappyLand range in this house. Tyler has a little collection already and he's starting to do some imaginative play with them, giving the characters little stories and scenarios - it's so sweet! I was going to get him this Jumbo Jet set last Christmas but they were all sold out in my local Mothercare by the time I went to get it. Luckily I've discovered the range online and I think this one has a great price. HappyLand are some of the sweetest toys we have in our house, I just love
the name too.

Puppet Company Little Red Riding Hood Finger Puppets & Book Set (£19.99) -Again, no Christmas would be complete without a new book to read and I found this super sweet Little Red Riding Hood book that comes with beautiful looking finger puppets. This would be such a fun way to tell a bedtime story and let little ones imaginations run wild with the puppets.

Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage Starter Home (£24.99) - As a little girl I always wanted Santa to bring me Sylvanian Families toys but sadly he never did as they were so expensive. They still are quite expensive but I've picked up some houses, families and furniture sets for Tyler from Ebay, etc. I found this brand new Cosy Cottage Starter Home for just £24.99, which once again I think is a great price. It also includes a Freya Chocolate Rabbit Girl and a selection of starter furniture, the set also includes smaller accessories such as frying plan, fork, dish and omelette. The kitchen furniture includes a kitchen table, bench, 2 chairs, a coffee table, plus a kitchen unit containing an oven and sink; and bedroom furniture such as a bed, mattress and pretty floral bedding. We have a Cosy Cottage Starter Home and Tyler loves playing with it so I can definitely vouch for how great this particular toy is.

Getting Personal Personalised Art Set* (£19.99) - Once children hit the age of 2 they really begin to explore their creativity, whether it be painting or colouring and this art set really does have it all! Encased in a wooden box, which can be personalised with the child's name, this set contains everything a budding artist needs to make some beautiful pictures. Tyler has this and absolutely loves it. He can spend hours working his way through the markers, crayons and colouring pencils and not get bored. It reminds me of an art set I had way back in the 90's so I love the retro feel it has too.

Hatley Sleigh Pyjamas* (£24.00) - No child's Christmas would be complete without a new set of pyjamas, it was always a Christmas tradition in our house and these sleigh and horse print pyjamas from Hatley are absolutely beautiful. These are actually Tyler's Christmas pyjamas and will be included in his Christmas Eve basket. The sleigh print just reminds me of the line from Jingle Bells - "in a one horse open sleigh...". The colours and print mean that they're suitable for either boys and girls and I think they're just perfect. I can't wait to see him in them!

*Denotes a PR sample, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.



  1. LOVE those jammies! I'm slightly obsessed with Hatley and their cool retro prints - so refreshing to find a brand that doesn't have the same old boring 'flowers for girls, robots for boys' gender stereotyping. My daughter would go crazy for this print - am thinking this could be a frontrunner for this year's Xmas PJs!!!! x

    1. They're just gorgeous aren't they?! I can't wait to see him in them. Wish I could have a pair too :) x

  2. I really like the look of those PJs, I am a big haley fan anyway so don't need an excuse! We always have new PJs for Christmas Eve unfortantely Ive already brought and washed the pair for this year otherwise I think Monkey would end up with these one too. Lovely broad selection of Christmas gifts - thank you for sharing xx

  3. Cool ideas! Both my girls loved Sylvanians and we had a HUGE collection of them. They've been passed on to a neighbour now and I'm so happy they are still being played with :)

  4. My baby boy is obsessed with Peppa Pig and I think I shall order the George toy now, he a bit more boy wish than Peppa. Love the little Dinosaur that is included too.

    Love posts like this they can really give you so many ideas. x

  5. Great gift guide. That art set reminds me off my own childhood. I had one of those and used it pretty much everyday. Matthew is wearing his Xmas pjs all year around this year from last year but because of that it is quite worn now so I am thinking of buying him a second one.

  6. This is fab! I have just finished making my gift list and have sylvanian families too, the same is fab!

  7. I really love these ideas. Baby would adore all of these especially the peppa x

  8. I got Josh one of them art sets last year, and while he didn't use it much at the time, now he's 2 and a half he is loving it! I think every child should get new pjs for Christmas too!! As should mummy...xx

  9. We always get new pjs at Christmas time. I wrap them up and we open them on Christmas Eve. Love the pjs they look so cute

  10. Those pyjama's are gorgeous!
    Nicola x


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