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Christmas Gift Ideas | Stocking Fillers For All The Family ♥

I don't know about you but I love shopping for stocking filler gifts for my loved ones. Finding personal little bits and bobs to make someone you care about feel really special and bring a smile to their face on Christmas morning can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. However, sometimes it can be hard to decide or to even find the perfect miniature gifts to fit inside those stockings! So here are some fun ideas to get you inspired this festive season. 

For the little ones there are so many little things you can get to fill their stocking, the list is endless! Because of this it can be very easy to get carried away - something which I so often do when it comes to gift giving. For children it's not about the cost of a gift, but the happiness and enjoyment they can get out of it, so little toys and games will usually bring them just as much fun as something quite expensive. From toy cars to mini hairbrushes and little teddies, there are so many little gifts you can adorn their stocking with, making shopping for children the most fun and easiest you will probably do this Christmas. I always like to include a sweet treat or two inside my sons Christmas stocking too and these chocolate penguins are sure to go down a treat no matter what age your child is! Gold chocolate coins are always a Christmas favourite too. 

If your little ones (or even some big people in your house!) are fans of character toys/miniatures then Hallmark have the sweetest little gift option with their Itty Bittys* range, featuring a whole host of recognisable characters from Disney, Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz and many more. They even have Rainbow Brite Itty Bittys which I just love! These are highly collectable and super soft, making them perfect for cuddling up to, building collections or simply having on display.

For your partner, knowing what to fill their Christmas stockings with is often much more of a challenge - I know this is the case for me anyway. This is your chance to show how much you really care and truly know them inside out. Good ideas for both genders include novelty socks, toiletries and chocolate. Eye masks and hair products go down well with the ladies, I'm loving the Bumble and Bumble The Surf Hair Good Tidings gift set and Soap and Glory Three Times Butter this year, which I always pick up in Boots and for men toiletry gift sets such as the Gilette FlexBall Spectre gift set and some retro sweets. Though these are quite generic as long as it is something with a personal touch, like their favourite scent or brand, it shouldn’t matter. 

For friends and adult family members it can be even trickier. Once you’ve bought and wrapped all the big presents it can sometimes feel like it doesn’t look like very much or that someone doesn’t have much to open. This is where stocking fillers come in handy. Little gifts that show someone that you really care and thought about them without having to break the bank. A great idea if you’re stuck are these Just Miniatures personalised wine or spirit bottles. You can pick their favourite tipple and get the bottle to come with a special personalised message. Perfect for those who love a Christmas drink and it makes a lovely thoughtful keepsake. 

For the candle lovers (like myself!) Yankee Candle have a gorgeous range this Christmas and I especially love the 3 Small Jar Tin, which includes one of my favourite scents - Sparkling Snow.

Shopping for stocking fillers is best done as you go rather than trying to bulk buy in one swoop. If you get little bits when you see them rather than leaving it all to the end you’re sure to surprise your loved ones with an amazing stocking this year. 

*This post contains a PR sample.

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