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3 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Own Body | Health & Well-being ♥

The female body can be a complicated and confusing thing, and there might be lots of facts about your physiology that you don’t know. To help you understand your body a little better, here are three points that all women should be aware of.

1. Fad dieting can be dangerous and counterproductive - If you’re trying to slim down and tone up, you might be tempted by fad diets. These eating regimes often promise fast and impressive results, meaning they can attract lots of attention from people who are keen to lose weight. However, starting these diets can be a big mistake. Many of them are nutritionally imbalanced and can result in long-term health problems. For example, some crash diets advise you to cut out particular food groups, like wheat or dairy, and this can deprive your body of the nutrients it requires to function properly. Meanwhile, low-carb high-protein diets can lead to side effects like constipation and headaches, and if they contain excessive levels of saturated fat, they can increase your cholesterol levels. Also, while these eating programmes can lead to short-term weight loss, they are usually impossible to sustain and many people find their size increases again as soon as they stop their diets.

2. Sperm can live inside your fallopian tubes for up to 7 days - We all know that unprotected sex around the time of ovulation can result in pregnancy, but were you aware of the fact that sperm can live inside your fallopian tubes for up to seven days after sex? This means that it’s possible to conceive up to a week following unprotected sex. So, if you’re not planning to start a family any time soon, you’ll need to be extra careful when it comes to your activities between the sheets. There are plenty of birth control options available these days, including the pill, patches, injections, implants and of course condoms. You can find out more about your options by speaking to your doctor or visiting a family planning clinic. It is also possible to get prescriptions for the pill over the web from trusted sites like LloydsOnlineDoctor. Whichever form of contraceptive you opt for, make sure you follow the instructions carefully, and bear in mind that condoms are the only form of contraceptive that offer protection against sexually transmitted infections.

3. Breast pain is a common problem - If you sometimes suffer from breast pain, you can be sure you’re not alone. Also called mastalgia, this is a common problem and it affects up to two-thirds of women. It’s usually felt in the outer and upper areas of the breast, but it can also extend down the arms and into the armpits. In most cases, it’s associated with the menstrual cycle. However, sometimes the cause of the discomfort is unknown. You shouldn’t worry about these pains unless you also notice other related problems, such as a patch of thickened tissue or a lump in your breast, a change in the shape or size of your breasts, dimpling on your skin or a rash around your nipple, discharge from your nipples or signs of infection (such as a high temperature). If you experience any of these issues, make an appointment with your GP.

By making sure you’re clued up when it comes to facts about the female body, you should find it easier to look after your health.

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