Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Perfect Accessories For Autumn | Fashion ♥

I just love autumn. There's a chill in the air, the season just feels a whole lot fresher and the scenery is simply stunning - I can never get enough of those beautiful red, yellow and orange hues. As always, along with the change in weather, comes a necessary (and enjoyable!) change in wardrobe, along with newfound fashion trends - an excuse to go shopping for new clothes and boots really, which I've already done this past week.

For the most part, you can count on fall fashion staying relatively unchanged for a few years. The three 'C's as I call them - classic, comfy and cosy looks will always be a flagship of the season - think chunky knits, warm, stylish boots and patterned tights, I really do love autumn fashion. However, autumn accessories are a little more fickle, and they tend to change from year to year depending on the 'in' trend.

For instance, this year's trends take after a few looks from the 1970s and if you haven't stocked your wardrobe and jewellery box with new accessories yet, take a look at a few that I've found that really embody this season's top trend. As a jewellery lover I've been lusting over the rings and necklaces available in stores and online at the moment.

This autumn's rings are big and bold. Extra large jewel tones, elaborate designs, and knuckle to knuckle varieties are everywhere. When you check out the collection of different designer rings on this site, you can see how most designers chose to go with audacious and oversized designs, rather than small, delicate pieces. The bold stones of the Treasure Box Ring can be used to complement most of the 1970s-inspired looks for the season, while the intricate designs of rings such as the Wari Ruins Cocktail Ring make a statement all on their own.

Lariat Necklaces
This season's rings might be big and bold, but the necklaces are simple and feminine. A classic lariat necklace, also known as a Y necklace, does not have a clasp or a hook like a normal necklace, instead, it consists of an extra long, thin chain, and it is usually adorned with a few simple charms or gemstones. The style is perfect for a lower cut top, but it can also be worn over an outfit with a high neck, such as a turtle neck jumper or a dress to go with tights or leggings.

Fringe Everything
Fringe is easily one of the biggest trends of the season so far and are inspired by the bohemian looks of the 1970s. Fringe is popping up everywhere and adorning everything from jackets and boots, to skirts and purses—and of course, every accessory possible.

For those of you who are a little intimated by the fringe, the fashion contributors here recommend starting simple - no one wants to go overboard with this trend! Opt for a beaded bracelet adorned with small fringe tassel, or a fringe lariat necklace, before you invest in a larger accessory such as a purse or a pair of boots.

For more inspiration on what to pair with your new autumn accessories you can check out my previous posts on 5 Street Style Tribal Desi Fashion Ideas and Autumn Fashion Inspiration.

Get ready to make some room in your wardrobe because the accessory and style offerings for this season are just stunning! What's your favourite piece from those featured above?

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