Sunday, October 25, 2015

My #HolidayHeroes Nomination With ♥

Jacek and Tyler Lee on our first ever family holiday back in 2014.
The lovely people at are currently running a #HolidayHeroes competition, where you can nominate someone who you think is deserving of a much needed, fabulous holiday. Your nominee can be anyone, from a friend, precious family member, a work colleague, someone who has helped you out in the past or someone who does great work in your community, your #HolidayHeroes are totally up to you.

The prize is a family holiday to the beautiful island of Majorca in summer 2016 for a family of four (which we will soon be - eek!) and this was a prize which I thought was too good to give up the chance of entering and possibly winning. So who is my #HolidayHeroes nominee? It is of course my very hard-working, sun lover, caring, loving and generous other half Jacek. Now this guy is totally deserving of a holiday, he works almost every hour God sends, has just passed his law degree and is about to graduate, only to continue on to study for his FE1 exams and he makes time for both myself and our son - how he fits in everything is an absolute wonder to me. He never puts himself first, is totally selfless and will always go out of his way to help others whenever he can, for all these fantastic qualities he possesses I think he should be rewarded.

We didn't go on a sun holiday last year and as a South African native Jacek was lost without his annual dose of sunshine - we don't get much of it here in Ireland! I think he's much deserving of a holiday and I just know he'd be delighted to explore the island of Majorca - he loves traveling to new places.

So there you have it, my #HolidayHeroes nomination and I really would love for Jacek to win, he deserves a break.

If you'd like to enter your own nominee for the #HolidayHeroes competition you can do so here, where you can also find the terms and conditions.

 How amazing would it be for your nominee to win and know that you nominated them? My fingers are firmly crossed for Jacek!

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  1. Congratulations to your husband for passing his law degree, I bet you are so proud of him for doing so. I hope you win as your husband sounds so deserving and could probably do with some of that Vitamin D if he's used to the South African weather!

  2. What a fab idea! Jacek sounds very deserving, congratulations to him for passing his law degree! Good luck in the competition :) Majorca is a lovely place

  3. He sounds like a total wonder! Very well done to him for passing his law degree that must take some committment. I hope you do well in the competition. x

  4. Must be tough to fit the studying into family life so well done Jacek on passing. Good luck in the competition - it's a great prize.

  5. What a lovely idea to nominate him for this and definitely sounds like he deserves a break in the sun. Fingers crossed for a Majorca holiday for you!

  6. we love Majorca Fiona. Its such a family friendly island and it has always been our holiday destination since big J was born. Good luck in the competition Jacek - you sound like you deserve it xx

  7. What a lovely nomination, it would be wonderful to win a fantastic prize of a holiday for a family in the sun. I think I will be nominating myself for someone special to me and who is deserving of this.

  8. Aw, this is such a lovely post and I'm not surprised you are proud of your husband! He really does sound like someone to treasure. Fingers crossed you'll win the holdiday :)


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