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Infant & Toddler Eczema | Treatments & Ways To Help Relieve The Symptoms ♥

My little boy and his super sensitive skin.
When a child is born, it quickly needs to adapt its immunity to various substances and living conditions. This is why children constantly suffer from temperature, flu and cramps, things which are sometimes possible to control. On the other hand, however, there are various substances in our midst that can cause extreme difficulties for infants, people usually refer to them as allergens. As their name implies, these substances cause different allergic reactions. Unlike other things in our midst, babies are sometimes unable to adapt to these agents leading to the development of chronic conditions such as eczema.

When an infant gets into contact with one of these substances for the first time, the body reacts excessively to potentially harmless matter. This will lead to inflammation and other symptoms depending on the affected part of the body. When it comes to eczema, common symptoms are itching, creation of bubbles and scales on the skin, the skin is visibly changed, and it becomes dry and thick, much unlike how an infant’s skin is supposed to be – soft and smooth. Luckily, there are things you can do as a parent to combat the issue of eczema and there are medications you can purchase to help ease the inflammation in your child’s skin, for example, you can buy medicated creams such as Betaderm which help regulate and relieve the symptoms of eczema.

The type of eczema which is usually a problem for children is called ‘contact eczema’, there are other types of this skin condition but this one is the most common for children. It usually appears around second year of a child’s life but it can sometimes appear a bit later, up until the age of five. Eczema during school years is very rare. This particular type is caused by different allergens which are apparent in the world around us.

Small children can be sensitive to pretty much anything so parents need to take extra care when buying, washing, etc. anything that will come into contact with their child’s skin. Cosmetic products such as baby bath products and lotions pose one of the biggest issues for eczema sufferers so parents should refrain from using anything that has potentially harmful substances and instead opt for brands which offer natural products suitable for very sensitive skin types. I would recommend Little Butterfly London, a natural, luxury skincare brand for babies and toddlers which worked wonders for my sons sensitive skin or Bepanthen which is a more affordable brand which protects little ones skin from getting dry or sore.

Nappies have also become a great problem for children suffering from eczema, the plastic that nappies are made from may irritate the skin causing great discomfort – not what any parent wants for their children. As a solution, parents should use nappy brands whose products are made only from cotton, or if a more natural solution is needed, cloth nappies are always a solution – I used cloth nappies on my son for a short while and it was great to be able to give his skin a break from disposable nappies.

These are the main causes for development of eczema, although a child can also suffer from some other less obvious allergens, because of that, it is important for an infant to have allergy testing so that the parents can be certain what led to this issue – especially if the allergy the child is suffering from is not immediately known.

Like with any other allergic reaction, the best treatment possible is by avoiding substances that cause the problem in the first place. Sometimes, a child will need to take supplements that will improve the skin such as vitamin A, C and D and given that child’s skin is very thin, an infant will remain susceptible to these problems until it grows up.

You! Drugstore specialists recommend Betaderm. This is a great and quick solution for parents who wish to improve and relieve symptoms of eczema in their child as soon as possible. Betaderm is corticosteroid which means that it can easily reduce inflammation. Together with inflammation, itching and swelling will disappear as well. The medication should be used for a period of two weeks. If the symptoms persist, parents will need to contact their medical provider. During treatment the medication should be used one to three times per day.

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