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Adorable Animal Inspired Gifts & Clothing For Babies & Toddlers ♥

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Is there anything sweeter than animal themed gifts and clothing for little ones? I don't think so. I've dressed my boy in an array of animal themed outfits over his two and half years and his room is adorned with animal themed gifts that he's received for various occasions throughout his life, it's safe to say that he's an animal lover and the affection he has for all these animal themed things is just adorable. With Christmas on the way - 88 days now I think (eek!), I thought I'd share some of my favourite animal inspired gifts and clothing for babies and toddlers, just to give you some inspiration for the perfect pieces to pick up for the special little ones in your life. Equally though, these pieces are perfect for birthday and baby shower gift ideas and I hope you love them as much I do!

Cuddledeer Toddler Towel (£26.99)* - my boy has this towel and it is one of the most adorable things ever! This towel really does contribute to the fun of bath time and my boy looks so adorable with the antlers on the hood of the towel when he steps out of the bath. This towel is super soft, made from bamboo and cotton, it's perfect for little ones sensitive skin and will always stay silky soft - no matter how many times you wash it! I love that the Cuddledeer Toddler Towel encourages imaginative play, the design is just adorable and it's the perfect gift for Christmas with it's reindeer appearance.

Frugi Lovely Babygro Hedgehog in Wellies (£16) - how sweet is this babygro from Frugi? Adorned with hedgehog, toadstool and flower print, it really is something pretty. I just love how colourful it is and the print is something that really stands out - something which I always love when it comes to baby clothes. This lovely babygro is available in sizes newborn to 18-24 months and is the perfect, colourful clothing for the special little one in your life.

Hatley Party Owl Slippers (£15) - it's the time of year for keeping little toes cosy and snug and what better way to do this than with these super sweet party owl slippers from Hatley? I love the bootie style of these slippers, the colour is really pretty and lets face it, who doesn't like owls?

Powell Craft Woodland Deer Cardigan (£28.50) - More deer inspired loveliness, this time courtesy of Powell Craft. I honestly think anything to do with deers is so adorable for babies and toddlers, I guess it's the link to Bambi? This cardigan is so sweet and I love the classic look it has to it - is there anything more endearing than a baby in a cardigan? The flower shaped buttons are just too cute too.

Anna Gibb Knitted Penguin (£15.98) - Another adorable animal inspired gift and one that little ones can snuggle up too. Seriously, how cute is this little knitted penguin? What's even better is that this is a unisex toy making it the perfect gift for little boys and girls. Plus, the knitted look is so special I think, we're big fans of knitted toys.

Simplygood Bunnie Blankie* (£14.95) - My son has this and it is one of the sweetest comforters available. It's very thin, making it a blanket of sorts for babies, the long floppy, colourful ears are very playful, the head is soft and squishy and the bunnies feet are perfect for tying dummies onto at night so they don't get lost and baby can soothe themselves if they wake up in the middle of the night. There is also a pocket on the front of the bunnie for holding a spare dummy. It really is such a sweet thing and a lovely gift for babies to snuggle up to. Simplygood's range of baby products can be purchased from here.

 Aden & Anais Muslin Dream Blanket - Jungle Jam Giraffe (£44.95) - I'm a firm believer that babies and toddlers can never have enough blankets, in fact my son has a whole box full and how adorable and fun is this Jungle Jam Giraffe blanket from Aden + Anais? This blanket is made from four layers of 100% muslin cotton, making it plush and super snuggly for little ones. I love it!

Bigjigs Wooden Mobile - Noah's Ark (£11) - You couldn't get anymore animal loveliness than this wooden mobile from Bigjigs, adorned with all sorts of animals for it's Noah's Ark theme. I love how colourful it is, definitely eye catching for little ones. I also love the addition of the rainbow and the price of this is fantastic, such a bargain at £11 making it the perfect, affordable animal inspired gift.

I See Me Snuggle Bunny Gift Set* ($44.99) - As books go this is one of the sweetest you can possibly get. The book is personalised to suit your little one and it includes their name, picture and a message from the gift giver. It also sports a glossy cover, beautiful illustrations which incorporate the child's name and a sweet story which helps with counting numbers. I love that this gift set comes with one of the ever popular Jellycat bunnies, perfect for little ones to snuggle up to whilst being read their very own special story My son has this and it's one of the loveliest gifts you could possibly get a child.

There you have it, just some of my top picks for the most adorable animal inspired gifts and clothing for babies and toddlers that are available at the moment. As you can see you can get almost every animal imaginable as part of gifts and clothing for babies and toddlers, I love that fact! All of these gifts and clothes are very special, colourful and sweet and would make the perfect gift for a dear little one in your life. 

*Denotes PR sample. All pictures used courtesy of brands and companies stated.

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