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4 Destination Ideas For A Perfect Honeymoon ♥

Are you currently planning your romantic honeymoon? Huge congratulations if you are and may I say I'm slightly jealous, I'd love to be jetting off to a stunning location for some relaxation time with my other half! A lot of couples think that just because it’s their honeymoon that they have to jet off to an exotic, remote location with crystal clear waters and powder white beaches for that once in a lifetime experience, but for a lot of people that’s just not affordable option or one that's suited to their lifestyle. Knowing this, I wanted to share some honeymoon inspiration ideas for all kinds of couples, places that are just as beautiful and relaxing as any exotic, 'typical' honeymoon destination you can think of...

If you’re looking for gorgeous clear blue seas, friendly local people, amazing food and a bit of traditional culture be sure to visit Greece. The islands of Crete, Mykonos and Santorini are particularly beautiful and perfect for lovers. Jacek and I went to Crete together for a week two years ago and it was Heaven, the water was even warm, perfect for swimming! With small white villas scattered across the rocky hillsides, topped with blue domed roofs and covered in tiny purple flowers, the scenery is utterly romantic. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can hire a scooter and hop into the towns which are bustling hubs filled with shops, bars and restaurants or spend your days lazing on the golden sandy beaches supping on cocktails.

Paris, after all, is the city of love and if you’re a couple that enjoys getting out exploring and sightseeing rather than lying down all day, Paris is the perfect destination for you. From the banks of the River Seine to the tiny cobbled streets of Montmartre, you can sample some amazing French cuisine and drink a lot of champagne as romance truly feels alive here. In the daytime take a stroll through beautiful the Jardines De las Tullerias, soak up some culture in the Louvre and by night visit the glittering Eiffel Tower.   

The Maldives
If bathing on sandy white beaches and snorkelling in coral reefs is your kind of thing then visiting the Indian Ocean is a must - my father has been before and said there is nothing like swimming in the water there. ITC Luxury Travel have some out of this world tropical escapes for you to discover. The Maldives are perhaps the most desirable luxury honeymoon location in the world with private luxury villas, amazing scenery and a no shoes policy. You’ll never want to come home from paradise. 
If you’re the kind of couple that prefer staying closer to home, renting a quaint cottage or boutique retreat in Cornwall could be just the ticket. With acres of idyllic British countryside to look out onto there is ample opportunity to go walking or cycling if you’re an active couple. Stroll to picture perfect St Ives Bay and enjoy an ice cream together admiring the beautiful views then get your wetsuits on and hit the surf in the afternoon. A lot of bloggers I know have holidayed in Cornwall over the summer and the scenery is absolutely stunning.

Which destination would be your favourite out of the four suggested? 

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  1. I'm not planning a honeymoon, but a good holiday is never out of the question! Greece is definitely on my holiday wish list, as is Paris, particularly The Louvre. I like how you added a staycation option as people automatically think abroad when planning a honeymoon :)

  2. Wow, the scenery looks amazing. Probably Greece is my top choice.


  3. I would actually love to go to Cornwall, or somewhere quite similar as I like how against the norm it is. Paris as 'the city of love' is kind of cheesy I think, and I get bored of sun holidays! x

  4. These destinations are perfection, Greece will always be a great idea, it's breathtaking.


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  5. I would happily go to any of these places. My mum and dad had their honeymoon in good old Blackpool! LOL

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  6. My favourite would be Greece but to be honest I would be happy with a holiday anywhere right now! Since we've had kids the holidays are all either back to the US to visit my family or here in the UK. I miss exotic travel a bit but we've had a great time closer to home!

  7. My Grandparents had their honeymoon in St Ives Cornwall! I love it there, we go every year. All those destinations look perfect. Italy is also quite popular, quite a few of my wedding couples this year have chosen there.

  8. I love the look of the all to be honest but would probably go with the Maldives. We didn't have a honeymoon so 10 years on anywhere would be lovely.

  9. Unfortunately, I have no honeymoon coming up - I need to meet a man mad enough to want to marry me first! However, I have always wanted to go to the Maldives (apart from the flying bit) as would love to go snorkling in the reef.

  10. John and I would love to go to the maldives. This is our dream honeymoon! I Became unwell days after our weeding and all plans went on hold but one day I hope to travel again and go on an exotic or amazing honeymoon!

  11. I've always wanted to visit Cornwall after reading lots of books based there, it always seemed like a truly beautiful place to visit. Myself and my husband didn't have a traditional honeymoon but we went to Paris l ater in the year we got married and it was one of the nicest breaks I've ever had - I've been to Paris many times and I totally love it.

  12. Ooh, I've been to three out of the four! Paris was fantastic, I'd love to go back and stay somewhere a bit posher, see a bit more of the Louvre and watch Moulin Rouge. We went to Morocco for our honeymoon and it was truly amazing- I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone looking for a honeymoon that's a little bit different.

  13. Oooh all of these sound amazing. I better find me a man first! Kaz x

  14. I love love love these ideas! Unfortunately I would need to get married first LOL
    The Maldives are at the top of my list to visit regardless of occasion
    Great post hun
    Charlotte x

  15. My honeymoon was quite unique because we went to Disneyland in Paris, it was so magical and my husband had the time of his life! I loved everything about it and I would repeat it without a second thought. Although I'm not a huge beach kind of vacation girl Greece is growing on me! I've seen so many pictures of it that I'm tempted to visit it with my hubby!

  16. Some great ideas there.

    We went to The Maldives on honeymoon and I must say, it didn't disappoint. If anything I would say that the place was just so dreamy, that it didn't quite feel real somehow. Like I could have woken up afterwards and the whole thing been a dream .... a VERY EXPENSIVE dream! The memories are priceless though.


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