Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Life Hacks For Back To School Madness ♥

How on Earth is it back to school time again, I honestly can't believe that it's September already! My little pup has just begun junior pre-school this morning and I was like a tornado running around the house trying to get him ready, his bag packed and us all out the door. I may even have put his shoes on the wrong feet during the madness... The kids will be back in the swing of school before we know it, with all the homework, after school activities and inevitable drama that these tasks will bring. If you’re working, it’s back to juggling six million things at once on top of your career, and even if you’re not, having the children back in their routine can be hugely stressful. Here are just a few ways you can combat the crazy to keep yourself on top of things and make life that little bit easier for everyone, even amongst the chaos!

Set Meal Plans
You’ve got to remember to pack their lunches, wash their uniforms, check their homework and everything else, so sometimes, finding the time to do a grocery shop can be a complete and utter nightmare. If you plan ahead, you can make this all super simple though, and cooking nutritious, kid friendly meals doesn’t have to mean slaving away in the kitchen for hours and planning meals ahead of time can not only be beneficial to your time (remember, freezing down meals can be a lifesaver during super busy times) but it can also save you a hell of a lot of money too - yay!
Use The Dot Method
What on earth is that I hear you ask! Don’t worry, I’ll explain for those who might have never heard this term before. If you’ve got more than one child, washing uniforms can be a nightmare. After a few rounds in the machine the sizes can quickly fade from the labels making it almost impossible to tell whose jumpers are whose and so on. If you’re not careful you’ll wind up sending one of them to class in a crop top – not ideal at all! If you start popping dots on their labels in permanent markers according to which child it belongs to (one dot for the first, two for the second, and so on), it will save you a lot of hassle in the long run - no deciphering what garment belongs to who anymore!

Turn Chores Into Games
Asking a child to tidy their room or do a spot of dusting can be like invoking world war three. Watching television is clearly much more important than the cleanliness of your home (ahem) and your child likes to make sure you’re aware of this every step of the way! If you make the whole thing more fun, it’ll be way more appealing. You could make up dance routines as you mop, or turn putting toys in the toy box into a game, complete with prizes if you want to go the whole hog. You could even pretend you’re in a play and do it in fancy dress. If all else fails? There’s always reverse psychology!

Get An On-The-Wall Organiser
Have the kids joined about a thousand clubs and you simply can’t keep up? To avoid any panicking or heading to piano lessons when you should have actually gone to dance, keep everything where you can see it, on the wall in plain view. I personally can't live without my organiser, I'd forget everything otherwise - I sadly have the common 'head like a sieve' syndrome...

Listen To Your Kids
This last one is a given and doesn’t just apply when your kids are getting back into the daily grind with their education, so sit down, relax and actually get to know the ins and outs of your child’s day. Pay attention; a good listener is an active listener. If you make a point of listening to your children, your life will be ultimately easier and you’ll get more done because your relationship will improve – it’s the best parenting life hack in the world and probably the simplest too.

Are your family immersed in the back to school madness at the moment? Are you following any of these life hacks?



  1. Great tips! I have found meal planning really helps with our routine!
    The dot idea is genius! I would have never have thought of that x

  2. The dot system is very clever, I hadn't heard of it before! My and my sisters always used to get our uniforms mixed up!

  3. I can't believe how quickly the summer went either! We are back to school this week as well. I agree it's so important to listen to your kids & discuss their day. I have name tags that iron onto their clothes, they are so handy! x

  4. Great tips Fiona, I'm trying to improve our food shop and meal planning - I'm terrible for wasting food and being disorganised!! Xxx

  5. Love these hacks - especially the last one :) Even though I'm dreading the back to school madness tomorrow, a little part of me is looking forward to some sort of routine again. Kind of. Lists are my best friend and I definitely need to get stricter with myself about meal planning. Some weeks I do. Some weeks I don't. Life is much better when I do!

  6. Brilliant post hun, i have already got the wall planner up and waiting for when little man starts school. We always do meal plans this is so important. saves so much time and money. x

  7. We are back to school this week too and I had forgotten how stressful it is getting the kids ready for school and nursery. love the dots tip will tell my friend who has three girls all just a year older than each other.

  8. Fab tips! The dot one is totally inspired! I only have one kid, but I want another now! ;) x

  9. great tips Fi, love the dot method, never heard it before, and need to encourage more chores here too

  10. Clever post, I forgot my small ladies shoes the other day, thankfully not the one going to playschool the smaller lady! The dot method is a good one!!


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