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National Dream Day | How To Make A Pearlescent Card Dream Catcher ♥

Image sources: Cakies | Das Mon Bocal | The Red Thread - all found via my beloved Pinterest

Did you know that it's National Dream Day on August 27th, and what better way to is there to celebrate this day of all things dreams than by creating your own dream catcher? I'm one of those people who keeps a dream diary, has various books on dream meanings and who wishes there was some device to enable you to record your dreams and be able to look back on them in the morning - I have some very weird and wonderful dreams! Making your own dream catcher is a lovely little craft to do, especially with little ones, so this is the perfect craft to keep them entertained before school starts again. I know Tyler Lee is a bit curious about the dream catcher beside my bed so how lovely would it be for him to make and have his very own? There are many types of A4 card available for crafts, and pearlescent card is ideal for embellishing dream catchers, which can be as simple or as ornate as you like. Here are three different, and each very lovely, ideas for dream catchers that are perfect for a little bit of DIY decor for little ones rooms.

Paper Plate Dream Catcher
You can see a lovely tutorial from the lovely Rubyellen and her amazing blog Cakies on how to make cardboard dream catchers here, which I found on Pinterest, they are so pretty!

1.Take a paper plate and cut out the center, leaving a rim of two inches. Using a hole punch, make holes around the rim at half-inch intervals. Little ones will enjoy helping decorate the plate with coloured marker pens, paints or crayons.

2. Next, cut about five to six feet of wool and attach one end through one of the holes in the plate. The wool can be woven around the plate, in and out of the holes and around the edge in any way you like.

3. Thread on beads at intervals, positioning them in the center of the dream catcher. When the wool has been looped through all the holes, finish it off by knotting the end around the plate.

4. The next step is to make three more holes fairly close together in the rim, from which you will hang feathers. Tie one feather to a piece of wool, thread a few beads on and attach to one of the holes at the bottom of the plate. Repeat for the next two feathers.

5. Lastly, punch a final hole in the top of the plate to hang the dream catcher from and you're done!

Pearlescent Card Dream Catcher

1. Draw a large circle on the card and a second about two centimetres in. Cut the card so that you have a ring of pearlescent card. Punch twelve holes around the ring at equal intervals.

2. Select about five different colours of thread to coordinate with the card, and weave these in and out of the holes, knotting them where needed. This will make an pretty and colourful web pattern.

3. Incorporate some beads into the design, and when all the holes have been used, tie the thread off. Finish the dream catcher with a few feathers hanging from the bottom and a hanging loop at the top.

Authentic Dream Catcher
I found this beautiful dream catcher tutorial on the very talented Nadja's blog Das Mon Bocal, she even has a free feather printable as part of her tutorial, you can find it here.

1. For this you will need a stiff cardboard ring and some yarn. Glue the end of the yarn to the ring, and wind it round to cover the entire ring.

2. Then take a contrasting yarn and loop it loosely around the covered ring. Using this as the first layer of the woven centre, continue weaving the yarn around itself, threading on a bead here and there, until only a small gap remains.

3. Attach feathers and a hanging loop as before and voila!

I also found this gorgeous tutorial by Lisa from The Red Thread (which I think has changed its name to We Are Scout but wow is it an amazing site!) as featured on Kidspot, it involves using Hama Beads to make feathers and it's just so pretty, perfect if you love beadwork. It's featured in the picture above with the Jellycat bunny and you can read it here. As you can see, these DIY dream catchers are super simple to make and don't require many materials either, in fact, it's a very cheap but fun craft to make and is sure to keep you and the little ones busy for awhile. What's also great is that you can really use anything you like to decorate your dream catcher with from feathers, to beads, to paint, to paper, string, wool... the possibilities are endless. So don't let your dreams get away from you this National Dream Day, catch them!

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  1. Cute idea, i love dream catchers =]


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