Thursday, June 11, 2015

Redecorating Our House | Progress & Plans ♥

The shabby chic inspired dressing/reading area in our bedroom.
 Recently I've been feeling so inspired to redecorate the house. I think since I've become a Graham & Brown ambassador redecorating and making the spaces within my home a lot prettier have been on the forefront of my mind and instead of actually just planning things and never getting anywhere - like I have done in the past - I'm actually making positive changes to the home decor and still have so many projects ahead. I have two jobs to be done right away at the moment - I need to upcycle two of the most ugly chairs in the world and these will be featured in my second Graham & Brown brief for the Popsicle theme next week and I also need to repaint the house.

We have lived here for almost three years now and the walls just keep getting grubbier and grubbier - not made better by the fact that we have a toddler who likes to touch everything and the walls are a light shade of magnolia, toddlers and light colours do not go hand in hand, literally! We need to go to B&Q pronto and get some paint to give the house, especially the kitchen, living room and hallway a new, clean lease of life. I'd also love to paint over the crimson feature walls in the living room and kitchen just to open the space up a bit more, red is not a favourite colour of mine.
One canvas picture hung. The crimson wall needs to go and the frames and pictures on the radiator cover need to be updated and matching.
I have a lot of new artwork to hang up, courtesy of Graham & Brown and I'm toying between hanging it in the spare room/office or above our bed, decisions, decisions... I also have a beautiful three piece canvas picture to hang in the living room, these are all such little touches but they really will make a whole world of difference to the house. It's amazing how artwork can change the feel of a space instantly isn't it? I have already hung one of my canvas pictures up above the dining table and it's changed the space completely, I was so sick of looking at an unsightly picture of a chair that had been hanging there since we moved in... that's now safely locked away at the back of the cupboard until we move out!

My aunt and I are also planning a trip to Ikea up in Dublin where I want to pick up some shelving for Tyler Lee's bedroom. The boy has far too many books and I'd love to have them displayed on shelves instead of just sitting in the box units, it'd also be nice to have some of his keepsakes on display too. I've seen so many beautiful looking children's bedrooms on Instagram as of late and have been gaining a lot of inspiration from them. I also want to get a children's table and chair set from Ikea and upcycle them for his room also - so many plans!
My first upcycle project, these chairs are now in our bedroom and office/spare room.
Finally, the house just needs some new soft furnishings to make it a lot fresher. I think it's time to say goodbye to my bunting in the living room, get some new cushion and perhaps a throw to put over the leather couches because I hate them and a new rug for the living room and Tyler Lee's bedroom too. I've been looking on Rug Mountain and have found a woolen rug and a rug from their kids range that I think Tyler Lee would love playing with his dinkies on, the Peaceful Crossings Multi Rug, I remember my cousins having something similar as a child and I loved it.

I'm sure I'll have many other plans pop into my head when I'm browsing on Instagram or Pinterest again and fulfilling my briefs as part of my Graham & Brown ambassador role. I never knew I could love redecorating, interiors and upcycling so much - even my mother was surprised - but it's great to put plans into action and beautify the spaces in our home so that we can enjoy them even more.

Are you doing any redecorating at the moment or have any plans to?


  1. I really love those chairs you painted, I wish I had the patience but I have the attention span of a fish ! hahaha

    1. Thank you Andrea! I started painting a larger chair today but just ran out of patience haha :)

  2. You're doing an amazing job!! I LOVE that canvas!!! x

  3. Lovely decorations the 'Bloom wherever you are planted" is so adorable i love it.

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