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Perfect European Seaside Holiday Destinations For Families | Travel ♥

I've been discussing travel a lot on the blog lately, can you tell that I'm really looking forward to a week in the sun at some stage during the summer? As I stated during the week, Jacek and I have begun thinking about where to go on our annual family holiday abroad and the options seem to be endless. There are so many stunning destinations dotted around Europe which are perfect for soaking up the sun and enjoying some quality time together as a family. I've decided to share some of my favourite destinations which I've holidayed at myself and which are perfect for enjoyable and relaxing family holidays.

Crete, Greece
Jacek and I went to Crete in July 2013 and we've both been longing to go back since. The island is perfect for family holidays and is just a four hour or so plane ride away from the UK and Ireland. There are many great places to stay just a stones throw from the beach - perfect for little ones who like to play in the sand and swim in the warm waters around the island. Most places to stay are also just a short walk away from strips which offer everything you need from supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants and shops. There is so much culture and history in Crete and lots of interesting places to visit such as Knossos if you and your family like to do some sight-seeing whilst on holiday The people in Crete are all very friendly and accommodating to those with families, making the island the perfect holiday destination for you and your family. 

The Algarve, Portugal
This is where we went on our first family holiday abroad last year and it was a fabulous destination for us. The beaches are beautiful with their golden sands, caves and archways - perfect for little explorers and everything is close to hand with restaurants, shops, pharmacies and the like being a short walk from most hotels and apartments. The Algarve is the perfect place to relax with your family, the weather is glorious, the family-friendly atmosphere is apparent wherever you go and the coastal views are simply stunning.

Lanzarote, Canary Islands
This is where my family and I used to holiday when I was a child and I have the fondest memories of lying on the beaches there and watching the planes fly overhead (we used to stay in apartments close to the airport). The beaches in Lanzarote are very family friendly and there is so much to see and do from visiting volcanoes, bike riding along the coast or simply lounging by the pool, Lanzarote offers a whole lot of activities no matter what your family is into. The climate in Lanzarote is especially lovely for those traveling with babies and toddlers as the mild breezes offer some relief from the sun. 

Majorca, Balearic Islands
Majorca is a fabulous destination for families with it's laid-back beach resorts, beautiful beaches and stylish cities, this is an island which offers a whole lot of beauty for your buck. This is an island I am yet to visit but Jacek has been and thoroughly enjoyed his holiday there and would be more than happy to return to it's gorgeous beaches one day.

Croatia is an up and coming holiday destination for families and and one which my family would love to visit for ourselves one day. Croatia is perfect for families with it's uncrowded, beautiful beaches, historical treasures and sleepy villages, all sure to offer you and your loved ones a peaceful and relaxing holiday experience.

All accommodations I've mentioned above are all-inclusive and have flights included from UK airports. These destinations really are the perfect seaside holiday locations for you and your family to enjoy and all accommodations really do offer a whole lot for your money, which really wasn't much at all from my researching - all-inclusive holidays started from £709 and went up to £950 based on star rating and on two adults and one child sharing in July 2015. I thought that these prices were very reasonable for peek summer and discounts were also included which I really liked to see.

Have you ever been to any of my recommended European seaside destinations? Which would be your favourite out of the five to visit?

*All pictures used in this post are courtesy of First Choice*


  1. I love Lanzarote with kids - have been several times with my daughter, as well as to the Algarve. And my own first family holiday was to Majorca. Would love to go back to Croatia too.

  2. We have been to Lanzarote a few times and have always enjoyed it. The last time we visited I was 4 months pregnant and we noticed how everything there was so family friendly. We'd love to take Elliot there one day! x

  3. These holiday destinations look stunning. I've always wanted to visit Croatia and I hopefully will have enough money to do so this summer! <3


  4. Greece is definitely my favourite European holiday spot. The beaches of Santorini are a dream, I love the turtle watching in Zanti and the beautiful sights of Samos, where Dolphins come so close in land! :) There are so many other places to visit, this is such a great post ot see what else is out there :)

  5. Must I choose...this one is hard. I love the blue waters. Can you believe that I have never been on a plane. I know crazy, but I am hoping to get the nerve up and the first place I want to go is out of the country. I would pick The Algarve, Portugal

  6. I haven't traveled that far with my kids. I've love to take them somewhere tropical. The pictures are amazing and I'd love to take them to Europe. The European Seaside looking amazing! I hope I get to go!

  7. Oh my goodness all of those locations seem amazing! I have a friend who has family in Greece so she goes back there often...she tells me there is nothing like the color of their water. My aunt traveled to her homeland of Croatia for her 50th birthday and still gushes about it to this day.

    Happy Travels!

  8. These are all wonderful vacation spots. My parents were able to go to Greece many years ago when we lived in Germany. They loved it and said that they wanted to go back. I hope to go one of these days.

  9. I have not been to any of these destinations before! They all look amazing and would be a relaxing place to visit. I didn’t realize such tropical locations existed in Europe, I always picture it as rainy weather in the whole area.

  10. Crete looks beautiful, and the photo you show to illustrate it is gorgeous. Actually, all of these places look like a romantic and dreamy getaway. I haven't been to Europe at all yet, but would like to. I need to get a passport first.

  11. My family is from Portugal and I would love to see it in person. I had no idea it was SO beautiful. I'd love to do a European tour through Amsterdam, Portugal, and Germany. There are so many beautiful landmarks overseas that I don't get to see being in the STates!


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