Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Home Decor Ideas | My Dream Spa Bathroom ♥

Now if this isn't a dream spa bathroom I don't know what is?!
 I've shared my thoughts on the blog before about how much I would love to change the decor of my home to make it feel more like 'our' place as well as being cosy and functional for all the family. I honestly can't wait for the day when we hopefully get to build our own house and have the freedom to do whatever we like to the decor. One room I have great plans for is the bathroom, a room which is used a lot with all our LUSH baths and showers! I want the bathroom to be a functional space and one which can be used by all the family but I also want it to have a calming atmosphere as, lets be honest, as a mother to a very active toddler, having a bath or shower is about the closest thing to a sanctuary that I have! I'd love to have a spa bathroom, a place that would truly be a relaxing space and one which I wouldn't want to leave.

A recent study by UK Bathrooms found that most people would like to create an at home spa experience, with Whirlpool baths and saunas/steam showers topping the list of 'must need' features of a dream bathroom - I am with these people. I've put together this post based on features I'd love if money was no object, because lets face it, this time next year we could be millionaires (I live in hope!).

I'd love a whirlpool bath, one to truly relax in and have a massaging spa experience at home. It'd be like having a jacuzzi in the bathroom and that's something I'd love considering our bath at the moment is just too small and doesn't have any special features.

This shower head would make for an amazing massaging shower.
Having a massaging shower head would be amazing too. Our normal power shower is fine but for something a bit more luxurious and for that spa feeling a proper rainshower jumbo shower head, like the one above, would be fantastic and super stylish too. Having sensory lights as part of the shower would be so lovely too to complete the spa experience feeling. How lovely would it be to get into the shower or bath at night and be met with soothing lighting, it'd be so relaxing just before bed.

The bath and shower would be the main attractions in my dream spa bathroom but the finishing touches are so important too. There would have to be a towel heater so that my towels would be warm and toasty after those long soaks. The room would have to be adorned with gorgeous mosiac tiles and lots of candles to give that relaxing atmosphere. I love the image above of the bath by the sea, now that really would be a dream spa bathroom for sure!

Have you updated your bathroom in any way lately? What would feature in your dream spa bathroom if money was no object?

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