Monday, April 20, 2015

A Shabby Chic Inspired Home | Home Decor ♥

 It may not come as a surprise to many of you that I absolutely love the shabby chic look and have strove to create the look in my own home through decoration and soft furnishings. Lately though I feel as if this isn't enough and being inspired by some of my favourite shabby chic themed Instagram accounts I want to make my home even more shabby chic themed and perfect in my eyes. Looking at my house at the moment you wouldn't even know that a man lived here - God bless Jacek and his willingness to let me decorate however I wish and ultimately, it's only going to get more girly!

One thing that needs to change is how dark certain rooms of the house seem. Two of the room have crimson red feature walls which make the rooms seem smaller and much darker then they actually are. I want to open them up and have the walls painted in soft, off-white colours - the perfect backdrop for all the pretty shabby chic decor I want to bring into the house. I also want replacement carpets upstairs as the current ones are manko and I'd love some real wood flooring in the living room and hall, I've found beautiful white oiled oak distressed look wooden flooring which would fit in really well with the look I'm going for. The distressed wood look is just beautiful.

The house also needs a lot more storage and shelving - ideal to display all our lovely ornaments and multitude of pictures. I would love to find some old furniture - the cheaper the better, sand them down and paint them in pastel mint green, pink and blue shades. My stepdad already has some chairs for me, which will make a great DIY project and a friend of mine has a low chest of drawers which I've been lusting over for the longest time now, I'd be absolutely delighted if they sold them to me because at the moment they are sitting unused and they really are one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture I've seen.

I've featured the pastel patchwork sofa on  my blog before. I originally saw it on a Facebook page I follow when a lady had gotten it for her office and I just fell in love with it, it's so pretty! I think it'd be the perfect kind of sofa to take pride of place in my shabby chic inspired home. I don't think I'd ever be able to afford this particular sofa but I wouldn't mind reupholstering our current one in a design like that. I'd love to have bedspreads and quilts in similar patchwork designs and I'm already stocking up on them with my beautiful Beatrix Potter patchwork quilt and cushion, as well as some other beautiful pieces I've gotten handmade and have picked up in local shops.
For decoration I'd like the feel to be romantic. I have lots of glass jars which I'd like to fill with rose lights like the picture above. I love floral themed lights, they'd be perfect for the jars and so romantic in the evenings and Penneys do similar LED versions to the picture above, which are super cheap too. I think it's such a simple idea but really pretty. I'd also like lots of family pictures dotted around the room in white frames. I've picked up lots of beautiful white frames in my local discount store for just €1.49 each so I'll be stocking up on more of them for sure.
I want lots of cosy cushions to scatter around the place. I have mismatching cushions at the moment and I love the mix of floral and bunting prints I have so I'd like to continue with that look.
These are just some of my ideas for my shabby chic inspired home. Looking at the mood board above I'm loving the look of everything and wish my home was filled with all these pretty things already! Are you a fan of the shabby chic look?


  1. Personally I like the Shabby chick look for others but not for me. LOL! It's beautiful but I highly doubt that I could pull it off!

    1. Oh I think it's very hard to pull off isn't it? You have to fully commit to it to have it look good around the house :)

  2. I love shabby chic as it is always so interesting putting all bits and pieces together to create a new look! Thanks for highlighting!

  3. Gorgeous! Shabby chic would never work in our home... we have too many boys :) ;) around here. Thanks for sharing!.

  4. I like patchwork. My grandma used to be very proficient in it. I think the pastels are my favorite for it, they're very soft and welcoming.

  5. I like the print, only if I can use it at home, my husband wouldn't let me ( I think). Those are beautiful though.

  6. My husband would freak out. The only place I'd be able to use something like that might be in the basement or my walk in closet.. It reminds me of my gramma's house or my Aunt Millie who was an old maid. Ahhhh memories!!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. i love the shabby chick look, but not for me! I could never pull it off! But I always admire those who do!

  8. I love the shabby chic look!! I have never tried to pull it off we kinda have a fun combination of a lot of different things in our home for decor.

  9. I love the patchwork myself. It reminds me so much of my grandmother. Love your taste.

  10. I love this look too!!! My hubby however ughhhh.... He's so boring so it's always a battle for me to decorate super cute or fun -_- I try to get away with as much as I can though hehe

  11. The pastel color prevailing over the home decor makes it really light and pleasing on the eyes. It's truly a great place to relax and feel good.

  12. Mood boards are such an inspiring way to put ideas together. Light colors are completely not my aesthetic so I struggle with the styles right now, but your house looks like it will be beautiful.

  13. You've got some great ideas there! I love the pictures -- so very shabby chic. I bet your house is so cute!!

  14. Once again, I love your style! As I'm decorating my first apartment after my divorce, I'm going all girly girl and shabby chic. Thanks for the ideas. :)


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