Monday, February 09, 2015

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star ♥

Twinkle Twinkle Star Garland // Buy A Star // Star Bunting // Nursery Rhyme Blanket // I Love You To the Moon and Back Print // Camera Strap // Silver Star Crown // Star Storage Bag // Nursery Night Light

I've shared on the blog before about my obsession with everything cloud related, but another obsession I have is with stars. I love everything with star print and anything to do with astrology too. I think stars are rather special and quite romantic really - is there anything more romantic than stargazing with the one you love and spotting all the constellations? My fondness of stars began when I was a child, I thought that the stars were the souls of loved ones who had passed on and were now looking down on everyone, it's quite a nice thought really and one which I secretly still hold on to today. I've decided to put together some of my favourite star themed items and gift ideas to give some inspiration to some other stargazers out there.

The gold star garland is so pretty! I have a blank wall in my bedroom which I'd love to hang this on. I love the gold colour and think it'd also make a great photo backdrop, don't you think? It's super cheap too at just a little over €10, the perfect decoration for any room.

For awhile now I've wanted to buy a star and have it named after my son. I can't imagine a more wonderful and special gift then having a star named after you in the sky, there's just something so whimsical about it all. have five gift options from starlets to supernovas which you can have named after someone you love. I really want to get my son a zodiac named after him in Aquarius, it would be the most perfect, special gift for my little Aquarius boy.

The grey star bunting has been part of my Etsy favourites for awhile. Grey is my favourite colour alongside pink and I always think grey looks especially lovely when it's in star print. This is supposed to be for a child's bedroom but to be honest I have bunting in almost every room of my house so this wouldn't look out of place anywhere I would choose to place it in my home.

The nursery rhyme blanket in the handwritten script is something I fell in love with a few months back whilst searching for a large blanket for my son. Sadly, this blanket is too small for a toddler but the perfect size for a baby so as soon as I find out that I'm expecting my second child (if I ever am pregnant again!) I am getting this blanket. I love it so much.

The 'I Love You To the Moon and Back' print is really beautiful. I love the colour of the night sky on the print and all the dotted little stars, the quote is one that I'm especially fond of too as I say it to my son a lot. This would look lovely in a white frame in his room.

Having gotten my DSLR camera at Christmas I think it could do with some pimping up. I always have my camera on me and use the strap when snapping our out and about adventures, this strap would be the perfect star inspired accessory for my most prized possession.

I wear my hair down a lot but have been looking for something to add a bit of whimsy to it. Flower crowns were, and probably still all the rage last year but I think this silver star crown is the perfect twist on the trend. Doesn't it look so pretty with that girls hair? Oh how I want her hair! I would wear this everyday during the summer, it's so pretty!

I recently got a blue dot storage bag for my son and after it arrived I spotted this gorgeous grey storage one as part of My 1st Years new collection. I was gutted that I didn't see it before purchasing the other one as the grey and star print is so perfect for a star lover like me. I need to get this for my son, these storage bags have so much room and are so handy for quick tidy ups of toy mountains.

Finally, this cloud and star nursery light is the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time, seriously, how beautiful is this?! It would be perfect hanging above a baby's cot. The soft glow off the star lights would be so calming and to be honest I'd secretly love this in my own room, I just think it's the most adorable thing ever, so whimsical!

Do you like my picks of star themed items and gifts? Are you a star lover like myself?



  1. How adorable is that cloud and star light?!? Oh my gosh, I want one for myself lol! I also love that fabric tote- thank you so much for sharing. I can totally get the star obsession now :)

  2. I love your picks, most definitely! I think that print is especially nice and the headband is super fun too.

  3. I LOVE things with stars on them! That Star storage bag is so adorable! I NEED that star crown headband, it's PERFECT <3

  4. These all lovely! star shape can really bring in a joy and also is modern! I love the hamper and your headband the best.

  5. The headband would be a hit with my daughter. And I love the camera strap! That is so cool!

  6. These are so adorable!! My nickname is Star and I am a huge fan of this post, thank you!!

  7. Okay. I didn't think I was a huge star shaped fan until I saw the adorable garland, the storage bag and my most favourite: the nursery night light. So adorable!!!

  8. The storage bag is my favorite out of your collection. I know both my girls would love that hair piece.

  9. These are nice star themed items. Stars really look amazing when you see it from the sky and it does stand out on your accessories.

  10. Awesome star selections! I love the star headband and the To The Moon and Back framed picture! I think stars are my favorite shape!

  11. I love stars. I have a tattoo of a star on my leg. Every single one of these ideas are brilliant. I really like that bag.

  12. Omg loving all your star picks!! So fabulous!! Especially the headband!! Stars and hearts are my favorite shapes ;-)

  13. These are some great picks! I really love the star garland. The headband is awesome, too, but I don't think it would work with my hair - it's so curly I think that it would just get completely tangled! Thanks for sharing :)

  14. Awh, this post kind of lets the reader in to some of your personal thoughts- it's nice to open up a bit, once in a while! Haha, I feel like I know you more after this :P
    I'm in agreement- nothing more romantic than stargazing with someone you love. I used to date a guy that took me to the roof of a building on a regular basis, just to start at the sky. Some of my most romantic nights were totally free (maybe a bottle of wine lol) and were spent just laying on a blanket, staring into the night.

  15. So pretty!! I love stars and anything that glows. Thanks for sharing your picks, you have some wonderful choices! :)

  16. I love stars this just proves me how wonderful it is - love those picks!


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