Tuesday, February 03, 2015

2nd Birthday Planning ♥

In thirteen days Tyler Lee will be turning two. I honestly cannot believe that as it doesn't seem that long ago since we were celebrating his first birthday, is it just me or does anyone else think that 2014 really flew by, it was as if time just sped up! Last year I spent weeks planning my boys birthday and rightly so, he'll never have a first birthday again but this years celebrations will be a lot more low key. We will be having a little party of sorts, more of a little tea party really for close family and some friends, hopefully Tyler Lee's little buddies can come along for some cake! This little tea party will take place on the 15th, the day before his actual birthday as I don't think many people would be able to come celebrate with us on a Monday.

Speaking of cake, I decided to get him one made instead of making it myself as I wanted him to have an In the Night Garden one - he is obsessed with the characters, especially Upsy Daisy who he calls out 'day-see' for at multiple times throughout the day, she seems to be his best friend at the moment, so sweet! The cake will be two-tier with a surprise in the middle (I'll be sharing pictures!) and will be decorated with an In the Night Garden theme, the three main characters and a '2' for the birthday boy. I'm probably crazy ordering a two-tier cake for such a small celebration but I don't think a single cake would have justified the design we wanted on it, plus, we can send people home with lots of cake so it's win win! I've also ordered Tyler Lee some cupcakes with the characters faces on, I think he'll really love the novelty of them.

Nom nom nom.
Jacek and I have already gotten all of Tyler Lee's gifts and thankfully they've all arrived already, all that's left is to wrap them up for him. We've gotten him a teepee as he absolutely loves lying around on cushions with all his cuddly toys so we thought it'd be nice for him to have his own little den of sorts to lie with them all and play in. We've also gotten him some wooden cars, an In the Night Garden puzzle, a wooden cash register, a Read With Me My Pal Scout, a wooden tool-kit and workbench and a drum kit. I hope he'll love everything, we'll probably regret the drum kit when we're listening to the sound of constant banging! It's a professional little kit but we hope it'll help embrace his love of music and instruments even more, he loves the piano!

I've picked him up a little outfit to wear on his birthday, the jumper of which I think is perfect for a blogger and photography lovers son! His outfit is quite rocker like I think but I love that and I think it suits his gift of a drum kit quite well! Everything I got him is from Zara, we love their range of boys clothes.

Cupcake? What cupcake? I haven't eaten any I swear!
Finally, on the day of Tyler Lee's actual birthday, February 16th, Jacek has to work, something which I'm very disappointed and upset about as he asked for it off in advance and it's the one day a year that I'd like him to be off but it can't be helped and it has meant we've had to change our plans. I'm hoping to take Tyler Lee to Build-A-Bear and make him up his own special cuddly toy as he really does love them. I'll then take him for a lovely birthday lunch somewhere and then let him run around whilst I get lots of pictures of him somewhere scenic in our county, hopefully Jacek can join us for all that.

Ultimately all I want is for my boy to have a fantastic 2nd birthday. I want his day to be all about him, letting him do all the things he loves so he can enjoy his day to the full. I'm so emotional at the fact that my baby boy is getting all grown up so quickly, I want to cherish this birthday of his as next year he'll be talking back to me and letting me know all that he wants to do instead of me having to plan it for him!

Cupcakes make him happy!
If you have any posts about your little ones 2nd birthday please link them below, I'd love to have a read!



  1. Aw!!! Hes getting so big Fi! and this curls are gorgeous. Good luck with the party. My Daughter is turning 10 this year... I am starting old....

    1. I know Cindy, he grew up too fast! Thank you so much! Oh wow 10, I think I'll cry when my little guy is 10! :)

  2. I love planning birthday parties! Harry loved trains and Mickey Mouse for his birthday so thats what I planned around!
    His Birthday - http://frommummytomum.co.uk/happy-2nd-birthday-harry/
    His Party - http://frommummytomum.co.uk/happy-party-day/

    1. Thanks so much for sharing these links, I'm off to have a read now :)

  3. How on earth is he turning two already?! This year has just flown by. Can't wait to hear all about his birthday :) xx

    1. I know Kerry, where has my little baby gone?! :( I'll most definitely be blogging about it x

  4. Aww I can't imagine our 7 month old being 2 but the difference in him already is just staggering, you really have to cherish every moment! Your little boy is such a cutie:)

    1. Your little one is 7 months old already?! Oh my God, I still remember you announcing your pregnancy, time is really speeding up! I'm convinced! Thanks so much Yav :) x

  5. I can't beleive his birthday is so soon either!!! The 1st birthday seems like a mere couple of months ago!! Crazy how time flies!
    It all sounds so lovely! Tyne loves Upsy Daisy too hehe!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

    1. I know Hayley, I still remember planning everything for his 1st birthday, it's just crazy! Thanks so much lovely! Oh Daisy is the one and only in our house :) x

  6. He is so cute. Him and Matthew would have some great fun together. :)
    Have a look at the link below on Matthew's 2nd birthday in August 2014.


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