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How To Pack Away The Christmas Decorations Like A Pro ♥

Now that the excitement of Christmas is over and the New Year has begun it's time to start thinking about taking down the Christmas decorations (groan... why are they always so fun to put up but a hassle to put away?). I shall be tackling my decorations tomorrow and trying to get my house back to normal so I thought I'd share some tips with you all on how to pack away the Christmas decorations like a pro.
When it's time to pack up the Christmas decorations, it makes sense to take your time and do it properly. Most of us have sentimental and well loved decorations that we don't want to be damaged in the interim, so good packing will avoid issues with damp, breakage or general degradation.

Invest in Proper and Adequate Storage
If you buy expensive decorations or have well-loved sentimental pieces, invest in high-quality packing that will work with your storage environment. Vacuum pack bags are ideal for festive fabrics such as blankets, quilts, stockings and other pieces. Wash them to take out dirt and dust mites, then pack them into the bag and vacuum the air out. This will prevent mould, mites or moths becoming a problem.

Egg cartons also make a great storage container for small and delicate baubles. Simply grab a few and place one bauble in each slot. Use acid-free tissue to protect baubles, and invest in good bubble wrap for larger and delicate items. Tape covers down and use small plastic Tupperware boxes for little items such as ribbons, bows and other knick-knacks. Beads and string decorations also work well stored individually in zip-lock bags.

Artificial Trees
Push each branch back into 'closed' position and then admit to yourself that it will never fit in its original packaging again. Wrap it in a black plastic bin bag, and then cover it in a second bag. Pack away the base and ideally glue any removable legs to the central base to avoid loss in the attic.

Long Items
Tinsel and garlands are best wound around boxes or another soft item for easy retrieval the following year. You could also wrap them around a large coffee tin or a similar cylinder shape. You can use cardboard pieces with cut slots to hold Christmas lights effectively and avoid a big ball of wire next time around. Some people pack long strands of lights in layers with tissue paper in between to prevent tangling, and some remove the plug first. Make sure you store extra light bulbs and batteries in a clean, safe and dry container - ideally with a snap-shut lid.

When packing your varied items into large storage boxes, use heavy cardboard or plastic varieties and use leftover wrapping paper to pack corners and to keep things in place. Use labels to mark everything clearly. You may also want to write an inventory of what you have for the following year for quick reference in case a little top-up shopping is needed, and keep a large plastic envelope within the decoration storage so you can keep any instructions and warranties together in one place.

If you're someone who likes to grab some Christmas bargains whilst they're on sale in early January (like my mother!) you can check out Jacksons Christmas decorations sale.

I hope these tips have helped in some way to give you some ideas on how to pack away your decorations this year so that they're perfect and ready to use come next Christmas.

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  1. Fantastic tips! I still have this job to do so these will come in handy x

    1. Thanks Alex! Ours came down today, wasn't as bad as I first thought it would be :) x

  2. I took down everything this morning apart from the lights on tree and the actual tree itself because otherwise Matthew would have had a melt down. He was not happy about anything going down.
    I have everything boxed up in 3 cardboard boxes from Lidl. Easiest and tidiest. Inside are small boxes, tubes and bags.

    1. Awh how cute is Matthew loving the decorations so much! All ours are down since yesterday, TL didn't seem phased at all!


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