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Hosting A Housewarming Party On A Budget ♥

For the last couple of months Jacek and I have been discussing buying our first home together. We've been renting since we got together and I think it's an awful waste of money, I could just cry when I think of how much we spend on paying someone else's mortgage when we could be using that money to become first time buyers and getting a mortgage for our own home. I would love for us to build our own house so we could design it and put our own stamp on it from the get go and this is a dream we both have for the future.

On the subject of new homes I thought it'd be fun to share some ideas on how to host a housewarming party on a budget. There may be some of you out there who have just moved into a new place for the New Year or who plan to later on in the year. Jacek and I didn't have a housewarming party when we moved into our current home but I really wish we did. This year we plan to have our friends around for dinner and drinks so I think we can look at this as our belated housewarming!

When planning a housewarming party the first thing you should decide on is your budget and stick to it. Personally, we don't have a huge budget when it comes to organising get-togethers and parties at our home but we always seem to pull it off and make all our guest happy in the process.

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If you want your housewarming to have a theme just to make the gathering a bit more memorable for you and your guests then having some decorations is a good idea, however, fancy decorations can really eat into your budget so why not have a go at making some decorations of your own? Pinterest is full of great DIY decor ideas and it's where I find most of my inspiration for crafty products and party planning. Alternatively, if you aren't the crafty type or simply don't have the time then the pound shop is bound to have some cheap bits and pieces to glam your house up for the night.

Next you should decide on the guest list - who do you want to invite, how many people can your home comfortably house and can you cater for all these people on your budget? Luckily Jacek and I have a close circle of friends and lots of seating in our house so we'd be set for an intimate gathering on a budget!

Next you should decide if you want to have a formal type dinner or a buffet style meal where everyone can pick and mix what they want to eat. Going buffet style is most definitely the cheapest option here and there are so many stores nowadays which offer party food boxes at very cheap prices. Alternatively, you can have a go at making the food yourself. Jacek and I did all the catering for our previous gatherings and it really did work out quite cheaply for platters of gourmet sandwiches and hot finger food, the guests loved our fayre too. If you think your friends and family who are coming to the party would be up for it you could ask everyone to bring a dish of their choice to the meal so there's a great mix for everyone to choose from a potluck style offering for them all. As well as the food you have the drinks to think about too. Why not state that the party is bring your own and let everyone bring their favourite drinks - this can really save you money and ensures that everyone has something they like to drink, so much better than buying a few bottles of wine which everyone might not favour.

When it comes to music, it's easy to create a free playlist via YouTube and stream it on your laptop when your party is in full swing. Alternatively you can use a free service such as Pandora to stream your favourite music as well as providing recommendations to other songs you might like.

Image source via Pinterest
Finally, a great addition to budget parties and one which I'm a huge fan of is side bars which have something as a feature. I love seeing sweet and ice-cream side bars which are always decorated beautifully (on Pinterest) and provide a great impact for a party with very minimal cost. You can pick up lots of sweets at the pound shop and display them in your old, clean candle jars along with some DIY decorations and flowers for a very cost effect display which is sure to catch your guests eye.

These are just my tips for hosting a housewarming party on a budget, some people might not agree with asking guests to BYOB and bringing different dishes but these really are great ways of getting everyone involved in the party and saving money at the same time. You can also check out my Party Ideas board on Pinterest for some of my favourite displays and party ideas.

What are your top tips for hosting a housewarming on a budget?

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  1. These are all great tips for hosting a housewarming party! I'd never heard of using Youtube for a playlist. I can also recommend Spotify to you- I use it a ton, and with it you can create playlists or browse the various stations as well. I love the look of your side bar! I think a lot of the times for housewarming parties, people understand that you just bought a house so may not have the biggest budget. In any case, I feel like most guests would bring a bottle of wine or something anyways!

  2. Lots of great tips! I love hosting parties, and it's always hard to come up with some great decor and food when you're on a budget. I love all of your ideas. I don't know if I have any tips but I do use coupons a lot to save when on a budget.

  3. I really like the balloon chandelier idea. Fun way to include friends who might be at the party in your new home right away.

  4. Wonderful, I love this concept :-D

  5. I think these are great tips. And I think it's fine to ask guests to bring something, especially if you are going to have a side bar. And I love the sweet / ice cream idea. Not only are they great to eat, I think most candy/sweets are visually pleasing to the eye also. And I loved the balloons with the photos!

  6. I pray you get your dream house soon! Fingers crossed. As for the housewarming ideas... Love them. Simple and can definitely be executed at low cost. We didn't have a housewarming but I am hoping to move to a bigger house soon and we will have one with a fun theme.

  7. I don’t think I have ever had a housewarming party when moving. I thought about it here but it takes me so long to unpack. Probably when I purchase a house, in the near future, I am going to do one though. Thanks for all of the great tips.

  8. Love this! We didn't really have a huge 'house warming' we invited friends over in dribs & drabs and still unpacking - it will be something I will want todo though once the place is 'fully settled' (your never 'fully settled' i suppose as there is always something haha!) xx

  9. I like to set up DIY buffet bars for parties on a budget. Whatever I can think of! Like, DIY baked potato bars, DIY cereal bars, DIY mimosa bars...these are so fun! They are easy to set up and help me stick to a budget. It also makes it easy for me to hang out and enjoy the party and everyone serves themselves! :)

  10. It definitely would help with the budget to ask others to bring some of the food and appetizers. However, I've noticed that my family alone often show up empty handed. I hate having a food party that doesn't have enough food because of this.

  11. Wow this is definitely an amazing post. I never had a housewarming party for my home but I have been to many. I always thought they were super pricey and had to include absolutely everything but now from your post, there are some great budget friendly options. I absolutely love the idea of DIY because it creates a sense of uniqueness in the home/party and gives just as great as a result. Excellent post!


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