Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Goals Of 2015 | #1 Get A New Car ♥

My lovely little Opel Corsa out in the Irish rain. My first and only car, together since 2007, sadly it's time for a change.
 2015 is my year for positivity and living life to the full. I have a list of goals which I want to accomplish before the year ends and my first big goal, one which I've been wanting to achieve for awhile now, is to get a new car. It's actually something I've especially been thinking a lot about the past few weeks as I notice more and more problems with my car as she comes up to her annual NCT inspection in March.

I've had a lot of problems with my car over the years and to be honest, the amount of money I've put into her for repairs would probably have been better spent purchasing a new one! I like to think it's not the way I drive (although it most probably is!) that's making everything break and need replacing but a car crash I was involved in way back in 2010 when some idiot drove straight into the drivers side of my car at a cross junction, my poor car has never been the same since. 

There is an occasional clanging noise which happens when I press on the breaks or take my foot off it, I've had the car checked over by mechanics and it's gone through rigorous NCT testing (which it always passes by the way - thank God because it costs enough) and no one can find the fault. I don't know whether I should be reassured by this or worried but ultimately all these repairs, the clanging noise and now the dampness in my car due to a crack above the bonnet have left me longing for a shiny new car to drive, one which is reliable, family friendly and most importantly easy to drive.

When it comes to looking for a good family car there really is a lot of choice out there and someone like me who doesn't have much knowledge of cars, except for watching the occasional episode of Top Gear, can be left feeling stumped when it comes to choosing the right car for my needs. Luckily VCars have a guide to the best family cars of 2014 which I've been having a browse through and I now have it in my head that I've love a Volkswagon Golf Hatchback. Jacek and my brother both have Volkswagon Golfs (you can see Jacek's peek-a-booing behind mine in the picture above), the pre 2000 models and they both love their cars, also, they've never had any trouble with them either (further evidence that it probably is the way I drive...) so that gives me piece of mind. Also, the model I like is a 5-door car, a very much needed upgrade from my 3-door which has made it quite a task getting my son into the car and into his car seat, a task which was even harder when he was in his newborn car seat! A 5-door would be ideal for me as if we have another child in the future there will be plenty of space for two children and two car seats.

The VCars's guide also feature's four other great family car options, so if you or your other half are on the lookout for a new car like myself then having a browse and weighing up your options could be good to do. You can take a look at the guide here.

What are your goals for 2015? Are you like myself and in need of a new car?



  1. I got my new family car in May last year. So that's off the list. Regarding the golf... I had that one in my mind too but the boot isn't quite big in it to be honest. So keep that in mind. The Hyundai seems great.

    This year my goals are all focused on Matthew really. Potty training, remote dummy, move to big bed, proper bedtime routine etc.

  2. We changed from a Ford Mondeo to a BMW 316 just before I found out I was pregnant - the newborn seats fitted fine in the back but the stage 2 seats are an awful squeeze when poor S is in the car too. I hate the boot - it just about takes the double buggy and a few bags. The one in the Mondeo was huge - we brought 6 kitchen chairs home in that car once!!! Ideally we need a 7 seater so that we could bring my Mum-in-law out too if we wanted to go somewhere, she's getting on & won't be driving forever x

  3. I would definitely like a new more energy efficient car.


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