Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How To Perfect Your Wedding Photo Poses ♥

Wedding photos are an ever-lasting reminder of your big day, after the nuptials have been recited, cringe worthy speeches have been said, all the food has been consumed and everyone has woken up in the morning with a fun hangover. The perfect wedding photo pose probably doesn’t exist, it all comes down to you and your partner, what you feel comfortable with and what your photographer is capable of. You don’t really want any awkward photos like these ones – although most of these could have been avoided with a little hindsight before the day.

So first things first, whilst searching for wedding photography in Sydney or scouring photographers’ portfolios online keep these things in mind for your big day and those posed shots you will want taken before alcohol and food are consumed.

1. Consider the sort of shots you want taken. Obviously you and your groom are at the centre of every photo but do you want photos of you standing at the aisle, one of you walking down the aisle, any religious traditions you might carry out, a photo in front of the church? There’s a lot to consider and these all require posed, smiling people in front of the camera, so remember…

2. Height matters. You don’t want Nana hidden behind that tall cousin at the back, so make sure you’re happy with positions before the photographer gets snapping.

3. When it comes to the bride and groom kissing photos keep them innocent but smile as you go in for the kiss so there are not pursed duck lips, oh... and no tongue.

4. Every bride wants that candid, smiling and oh so in love shot taken. The best way to capture these is to simply forget the photographer is there and instruct them to take pictures of you and your guests just enjoying the day. These shots should look completely natural, unlike your posed church photos that are usually taken just after the ceremony.

5. If you are conscious of your smile just remember, your partner loves you, no matter if you think you have a crooked tooth or your eyes squint up when you grin.
A natural smile will look so much better than a forced grimace in your photos.  

6. Watch your hands when having photos taken, never let them hang limply and don’t clutch your bouquet in front of you for dear life, place them on your partner or whoever you are having your photo taken with – just do something with them!

7. Having your hair down can look beautiful on your big day, but it can hide your face in those candid shots you want your photographer to take, pin the front strands back or wear a headband and keep your locks out of your face.

Some final tips:
       Glitter lotion might look pretty on your skin if you’re wearing a strapless dress but it can look like you are sweating in the photos.
      If you are conscious of your arms lift them slightly away from your sides to make them look slimmer
  Wear your hair in an updo with long earring to give the effect of a longer neck

But ultimately, have fun! If a drunk relative photo-bombs you, don’t panic. If you spill wine down your dress, don’t let it ruin your day and remember every woman looks incredible in a bridal gown no matter what, so your wedding photography should simply serve as a lasting reminder of your special day spent with loved ones. 


  1. Nice tips...will help my friend alot ;) Thankssssss

  2. I'm far from getting married, but I loved this post! :)
    Lots of kisses!

  3. I think no matter what I do I will mess up on my wedding photos!

  4. These are awesome tips Fiona, I must say have known that when i get married i want good if not awesome pictures but never thought beyond that and how to achieve that lol.


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