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Christmas Gift Ideas For Older Children & Tweens ♥

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When it comes to gift buying for older children and tweens it can be difficult to find the perfect gift. At these ages most things on their wish lists are quite expensive and they may be things which they'll quickly lose interest in. I've put together some gift ideas for older children and tweens which are sure to give hours of fun, not just for Christmas Day but all year round as these gifts have some longevity to them and most can actually be used or played with siblings and friends also.

Monster High 13 Wishes Doll
These are perfect for older girls who are in still into dolls but who want an alternative to Barbie. These dolls are from the movie Monster High 13 Wishes so if your girl has seen the movie and is into all things Monster High these are sure to be a great gift for her. These dolls come in a variety of looks but my favourite is the Twyla doll, her blue hair is pretty rocking. These party dolls are now £11.99 on sale here.

The Sims 4 Collectors Edition
I was really into The Sims games from a young age and it's great to see the virtual reality of the Sims world continuing to grow with a new game edition - The Sims 4. This game lets the user create their own characters, grow families, build houses, get a job, etc., in fact, it has about every aspect to life you can image. This game is guaranteed to provide hours of endless entertainment (I'd secretly love this for myself this Christmas!) You can buy the Sims 4 Collections Edition here for £99.99.

Heelys are a great gift for any older children or tweens who love wearing runners but who'd like all the fun of roller skates. There are so many colours and designs available including ones with flashing LED lights! You can find a whole range of Heelys for both boys and girls here, prices start at £49.95.

LEGO The Simpsons House
I've never met a child or tween who doesn't like LEGO or The Simpsons so what better gift than a mix of the two? This set includes six mini figures of the main characters and everything you need to make the house. I can see parents joining in with the fun of making this too. LEGO The Simpsons House is €209.99 and available here.

A Bike
A bike or a new bike is the perfect gift for Christmas for older children and tweens. There are so many colours and styles to choose from but for the girls out there this 20 Inch Paris Bike is gorgeous and is €119.99. There are a wide range of bikes available here.

Wii U Console
The newest edition to the Wii game console range, the Wii U is the perfect gift for any older children or tweens this Christmas and it's bound to give hours of endless fun, for all the family actually. It allows the players to interact with their games more and games from the older Wii console are still compatible with this new version. The Wii U is €219.99 and available here.

Star Wars MP3 Alarm Clock Lamp
This Star Wars MP3 Alarm Clock Lamp gadget is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time! It's a lamp, alarm clock and MP3 speaker all in one, encased in two of the space epic's favorite characters - choose from super villain Boba Fett or Darth Vader. I can see all young Star Wars fans loving these for their bedroom.

Go!!! Mario Kart 7
This racing track which features Mario and Luigi is a gift sure to be a firm favourite amongst older children this Christmas. Available for €59.99 the track includes a loop, two Mario Kart 7 cars, lap counter, connecting sections and controllers. Available to buy here.

Monopoly Junior
The worlds most loved board game in junior form. This game is perfect for youngsters to play during the Christmas season and on game nights throughout the year. They can buy stores such as the pet shop, candy store, etc. giving a twist on the usual properties from the original Monopoly game. Available to buy for €14.99 here.

What are you buying for your older children or tweens this Christmas?



  1. I think I would love Sims too. I used to love whet it was on Facebook

  2. I'd want that Sims game myself for Xmas to be honest. i asked for it anyways. Used to love building our house the exact same way but whether I will get time for that now I doubt it.

  3. Great selection!
    lovely gift ideas!

  4. Sims is the perfect gift for anyone though; have to be honest, I'd even want it and I'm not a tween! :P We're thinking Nintendo 3DS games!

  5. WOW, my sister loves Sims ! and I love Super Mario :-)

  6. I'd like most of these gifts myself!


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