Monday, September 01, 2014

Living Arrows - Week 35 ♥

I am taking part in I Heart Snapping's weekly Living Arrows project, a photography project to capture an image which represents childhood to you through the actions, likes, dislikes, looks and movements of your own children. As we were away last week below are my pictures for the thirty-third and thirty-fifth week of Living Arrows. I can't believe I've actually been taking part in this link-up for thirty-five weeks now, amazing!

I am obsessed with this picture of my Tyler Smiler which I caught on a whim on Friday morning. He was being in a lazy, dreamy mood and was just watching me as I was trying to clean up my bedroom. Spur of the moment I just decided to grab my digital camera and try to get a picture of him, well, he loved the flash on it, as you can see. He was giggling away and this shot is my favourite of what I captured, I love everything about it. His curls, those blue eyes full of joy, his big, toothy smile, his clothes, his farmers tan... I just think it's perfection. I think I captured his fun-loving spirit this week and I can't get enough.


  1. Such a sweet idea for a photo project! This is a truly precious photo of Tyler!

  2. What a cutie! I follow you on instagram and he really is a happy little dude. :)

    1. Thank you so much Chrissy, he's so happy these days it's lovely :)

  3. How adorable! :)

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  4. Such a big happy smile x #LivingArrows

  5. Little boys are so much fun! I love how one photo can capture so much of their personalities.

  6. Boys are so much easier than girls, in that they're straight forward. If they get into trouble they do it right in front of you and usually with a cheeky grin like your little one is wearing there!

  7. Tyler is so adorable! Thanks for linking up with us at Mama Monday's!

  8. Gahhh this is too precious! Thanks so much for linking up with us! :)

  9. Look at that super happy face and check out those equally fabulous rainbow leggings!! x

  10. Pure joy! :D I've been away for a couple of days and I really, really missed this blog! I never tought I could miss a blog. :))


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