Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Date Night With ilumiworld ♥

The set table.
Our soups.
The Tomato and Red Pepper soup.
The Tender Pork with Cider and Wholegrain Mustard.
Our sweet treat dessert!
Last Tuesday night Jacek and I had a very long overdue date night and boy did we enjoy it! Jacek had bought me a bunch of flowers the previous weekend and I used them as a centerpiece for the table. I lit candles including two little heart-shaped ones, it was date night after all. The candlelight really set the mood and gave us a relaxing atmosphere to eat our meal to, just what we needed after a busy day with our little one.

On Tuesday morning I had received a box which was very kindly sent by ilumiworld which contained some delights from their Gastro Pub menu as well as the added surprise of two bottles of Celia lager, I don't drink lager but Jacek was delighted at the prospect of trying out a new drink. ilumiworld specialise in naturally gluten-free prepared meals and I was really looking forward to trying these out because a) I have been questioning for awhile whether or not I may have a gluten allergy myself and b) the idea of not having to cook a dinner really appealed to me! The box I received contained -

A pouch of tomato and red pepper soup
A pouch of butternut squash soup
A pouch of Coq au Vin
A pouch of Lamb in Gluten Free Ale with Haricot Beans
A pouch of Venison Casserole with Pancetta and Sloe Gin
A pouch of Tender Pork with Cider and Wholegrain Mustard
Two pouches of white long grain rice

The pouches are really easy to prepare, you simply pour the contents into a bowl/plate and then heat in the microwave for two minutes, it really is as easy as that. We were delighted that our meal wasn't going to take too long to prepare because we really were ravenous by the time our son went to bed having not had a chance to have lunch during the day. I choose the butternut squash soup for starters and Jacek had the red pepper. He wasn't keen on the butternut squash when I gave him a taste but I have to say I loved it. From my taste of the red pepper soup that was quite delicious too and Jacek really seemed to enjoy it.We then moved onto the main where I opted for the Coq au Vin, something I had never had before but really enjoyed, in fact, if I ever saw this as an option on a restaurant menu I'd order it. The chicken was so moist and the sauce was delicious. Jacek had the Tender Pork with Cider and Wholegrain Mustard, he really loved it, his only complaint being that there wasn't enough of it, he was starving as it was and has quite a large appetite as it is but having said that the meals are the perfect portion size for one individual. We had our main with the white rice and whilst it was lovely, fluffy rice I would have preferred to have received a brown rice option as we don't eat any white rice or pasta. For desert we had vanilla ice-cream with passionfruit and panna cotta chocolate adorned with hundreds and thousands - Heaven! Jacek enjoyed his bottle of Celia gluten-free lager too, the other bottle is in the fridge for this weekend. I served the venison meal to Jacek for his dinner the next day and he thought that was delicious too. I had the lamb and it was mouth-watering! It reminded me of the lamb dishes my grandmother used to make where the meat would just fall off the bone, so tasty.

Overall, we were quite impressed with ilumiworld's range of meals and enjoyed the ones we got to try out, for me the lamb option was the winner. I think these meals are great for coeliacs who lead a busy life and want something quick, easy to prepare and delicious to eat when they come home. You can find the Gastro pub menu and browse through the other mouth-watering menus ilumiworld have to offer on the ilumiworld website.

 Jacek and I were so happy with our meals and were glad that we took the time to have a date night - would have been rude not to really considering that the food was supplied for us! We took the time to enjoy each others company, talk, soak up the candlelight atmosphere and just relax, it was amazing and it's something we shall be doing every month and sticking to it! Romance most definitely must be in the air as we've had another date since, I think we forgot for awhile that we also have a romantic relationship with each other as well as being parents and best friends. We need our one on one time too and date night was the perfect fix.


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  1. When I first saw the food bags I thought it was baby food in them. :)) But it actually looks quite yummy :D And I loved all the decorations. So sweet. :D


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