Monday, August 11, 2014

Home Decor Ideas - My Bedroom ♥

The longer I stay living in my current house the more I want to make it feel cosier, unique to my family and more like home for all of us. We were supposed to only stay here for one year and then move on to somewhere with some more space but unfortunately that never happened so I have to make do with what I have and make some improvements. One room I have so many plans for is my own bedroom. As I stated, we were only supposed to stay here temporarily but things didn't really work out on that part and now all the things I decided to left untouched because I thought we would be moving again I now want to change. Firstly, I would like to move the furniture in the room around. My room is long and quite narrow but has a huge king-size bed in it with a rather large frame, so impractical and it's impossible to get to the other side of the bed by the windows without bruising your legs off the big, chunky bed frame! I would love to move the bed to the other wall where the sockets are, I have no idea why it's not there anyway but it's so inconvenient! I would also like to give the room a new lick of paint to brighten it up a bit and get rid of the grubbiness on the wall by the sockets caused by Tyler Lee trying to plug things in. This won't be a big change to the room, just something small and subtle to give it a bit of a 'facelift' if you will. My bedroom also has ugly net curtains covering the windows, great for privacy but so horrible to look at, I'd love to replace these with blinds in a light beige colour to match the walls. I think blinds would be the best option as they'd block out the sun in the summer months and give us that cosy feeling in the colder months as well as privacy from the facing houses. The room also has hideous curtains which I'd like to replace with something a lot nicer, tulle perhaps just for decoration purposes as I really would like blinds. I'd also like to replace my current postcard collage on the wall with some pretty new pastel postcards I've found from a seller on Instagram. I think the pastel colours would be great for adding a bit of suble colour into the room and I love the cute designs available. Finally, I'd like to add a white shaggy rug to the floor by the wardrobe just to have something soft to stand on whilst getting dressed and to make the room a bit more cosy.

All of these are just small changes really and won't take much effort but I think they'll make a big difference to the room. It's important for me to have all the rooms in the house the way I'd like them now as I'll be living in this house for the foreseeable future. I would love to make other changes to my bedroom in particular but as it's rented property which has come furnished I sadly can't move out the big, bulky furniture. I'll have to save my dreams of gorgeous white furniture for when I have my own house someday!

I have so many home decor improvement plans for my home and will be sharing them with you all room by room whenever I get an idea or make an improvement so stayed tuned for that. Have you any home decor improvement ideas going on at the moment?



  1. You can use this rented house as an experiment. Tastes change over the years and your ideas now will shape your future ones. At the age of 16, I papered a whole wall with fashion magazine pages. I hate to think of how someone removed them afterward.

    1. Ah you're right Francene! That was very creative of you, I bet it looked fab! :)

  2. Shaggy rugs are a must in any bedroom and the small changed def do add up to something amazing. Good luck

  3. Since I still live with my parents I have a huge bed all for myself. My room is very colorful and cheerful and and I recently bought a kids carpet. It has trains, sheeps, hospitals, roads, churches and all that kind of stuff. It cheers you up instantly no matter how bad your day was. I bet Tyler Lee Would love it. :D


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