Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tyler Lee - 17 Months Old ♥

 My little angel man, you're now 17 months old, just one month shy of being a year and half, I honestly can't believe it! 17 months in your pleasant company, how much of a lucky mumma am I?! This month you've really come into your own, you know what you want and when you want it and you also know what you don't like and oh boy do you let us know when you don't like/want something! Even though you can't talk you understand things I say. You amaze me so much, you even tidy up your toys after you've been playing, you're such a great little boy. I think I'm going to have to buy you a little toy cleaning trolley and hoover as you love cleaning things and the hoover so much - I hope you love these things all your life and give me a hand around the house as you grow! We've had a bit of trouble with you sleeping this month, you just don't seem to want to go to bed and we would keep you up late but it doesn't matter what time you go to bed, you always get up early in the morning! I think it's because you were born at almost five to six in the morning, you've always been an early bird. This month of your life you went on your first holiday out of Ireland and met your grandad for the second time. You discovered sand and loved it, you rekindled your love of water and even paddled in the sea. You visited another castle - I really hope you'll be a history lover with the amount of historic places daddy and I take you. I love the amount of cuddles you've been giving me in the past month and you even stay still for kisses, you're so affectionate and I love that quality in you. You're a smiley little boy, such a pleasure to be around, you're friendly, caring, you like to share, you're happy, beautiful and amazing, you're my favourite person ever and I'm so proud to be your mumma.

Weight - 22lbs
Height -Getting even taller, you can now open doors!
Hair - Very long medium blonde curls which get matted and fuzzy when you sleep so we put conditioning spray in it and I'm pleased to say you love getting your hair done.
Teeth - 11. You now have 7 on the top gum and 4 on the bottom, more are on the way!
Clothes Size - 12-18 months, going into 18-24 months in some brands
Nappy Size - 5
Favourite Food - Cheddar cheese.
Sleeping Time - One nap a day and sleep 12 -14 hours a night.
Loves - PupPup, pretending to be on the phone, playing with water, being outside, going for a walk, bouncing up and down on the bed, climbing the stairs and coming down it, the hoover, being thrown up in the air, pretending to be dropped, running around, going out in your trike, going on a swing, older children, playing with the hair straightner and hair dryer, playing in your ball tub.
Hates - Having your face cleaned, getting your nappy changed, when daddy goes to work, sitting still, being told 'no' or 'ah ah ah'.

My beautiful boy, I'm so looking forward to this next month of your life, your 17th on this Earth. I hope we have lots of fun, lots of adventures and make lots of happy memories. You're such a treasure, never change my little puppy. I love you.


  1. What a nice, warm post! I think white suits him so well, with blonde curly hair. Favourite Food - Cheddar cheese. He has really good tastes :D

    1. Thank you Alexandra for your comment as always! :) Yes he LOVES cheese xo

  2. Love reading your updates! My son loves cheese too :) xx

    1. Thank you so much for reading them :) Cheese seems to be a winner amongst the little ones xo

  3. What a lucky mum you are indeed. I love that age, it's been a while since my daughter was that age, she's 14 now haha. Brilliant post, what a lovely record for Tyler when he's older.

    1. Thank you so much Lynette, it is such a lovely age but it's so hard to get him to sit still for a picture now :) xo

  4. That blonde curly hair is beeaaautiful!!! What a cutie <3
    Love Lucinda xx

  5. That hair!! Oh he is just edible isn't he?! Glad he likes his hair being done, it could be such a different story if he didn't - resulting in you tearing yours out no doubt!
    Thanks for linking to #babybabble

  6. Oh my god, those photos are just adorable. I love the top one, he looks like a little explorer! #babybabble xx

  7. What a ray of sunshine your little man is :)

  8. What a gorgeous post and he's always sporting that determined expression on his wee face, haha. Adorable. x


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