Friday, July 18, 2014

My Favorite Memories - A Post To Support The Alzheimer's Society ♥

Yesterday I was approached by a lovely blogger named Laura who blogs at Laura Lollipop asking if I would like to take part in a charity drive to help raise funds for The Alzheimer's Society, all I had to do was simply write a post about my favourite memories and publish it on my blog along with some information to help The Alzheimer's Society, well I jumped at the chance. I like to think I'm quite a charitable person and I like to help people whenever I can. Since I was a young child charities revolving around the care of old people have been close to my heart, I have no idea what started this as I was very fortunate to have four very healthy both physically and mentally grandparents, two have now sadly passed away but still charities which help old people are still very close to my heart to this day. 

‘’To help lead the fight against dementia, to end the distress it causes, take action and raise awareness and money for Alzheimer's Society. The idea is to post a picture related to one of your favourite memories and make a donation by texting 'ASFM90' followed by the amount to 70070. So for example: ASFM90 £2’"

 I don't remember this picture being taken but it was taken at my grandparents house and I always loved going there as a child. My cousins were always there and we used to go up to my aunts room and play with her amazing dolls house which even had an ice-rink! We always got a nice feed of freshly baked petit pans, butter and ham too - delicious and 20p for some penny jellies, those were the days! There was a really nice man too who was a neighbour of my grandparents who used to bring my cousin and I a big bag of jellies each, we always loved seeing him for the jellies. So many happy memories.

Some of my favourite memories ever are the nights out I had with the girls way back in the day when I had no responsibilities and actually liked going to the pub and club every weekend. This one night stays in my mind particularly and it may have just been the best night out I've ever had! I don't know why but we were all wearing these rainbow coloured, cut out glasses and spent a considerable amount of time drinking in the train station (oh the glamour!) whilst waiting for out train to the city. We then had cocktails, selfies with strangers on balconies, lots of dancing, the obligatory end of night McDonalds and some very hilarious scenarios along the way which I won't disclose as one particular friend will kill me if I do. It was such a laugh, those days of being 18/19 were some of the best I ever had.

Finally, probably my most favourite memory ever in my life, giving birth to my son and making my family a three instead of a two. To have a child with someone you love and who loves you back unconditionally is one of the best things someone will ever experience in their life. I cannot believe I have a mini Jacek, only he's even cuter. Tyler Lee was the best gift ever and i will never forget his birth.

What are your favourite memories, please do share in the comment section below. Please donate to The Alzheimer's Society by texting 'ASFM90' followed by the amount to 70070. So for example: ASFM90 £2’



  1. Thank you so much for writing this post! I've loved reading your memories, you look a lot like Tyler Lee in your first photo! (Or he looks like you!) xx

    1. No need to thank me at all Laura, very happy to help for such a great cause. He looks like me, I'm the original ;) xo

  2. I had to do a double take at those blonde curls for a moment thought it was Tyler Lee :) he is the image of you :)

    1. He is in that picture alright, that'd be TyLee if he was a girl haha :) xo

  3. Such a lovely post. Your blog is gorgeous!


  4. What a lovely post and photos and Tyler Lee is definitely yours, almost double images x

  5. Thanks hun, he most definitely is my double :)

  6. Such a lovely post - Alzheimer hits home as both of my grandparents had/has that.. It's such a horrible illness that affects the family most! xx

  7. LOVE the initiative!
    And i just can't help it!!! I'm looking a\ng Tyler Lee's "feminine" version!! Amazing :D


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