Thursday, May 01, 2014

Shiseido - Zen Sun Eau de Toilette Fraiche ♥

 This is my first ever perfume review on the blog so I hope I'm able to convey to you all just how lovely this scent is. Shiseido is a brand which I've been rediscovering lately and I was delighted to be able to try out their new fragrance for SS14, Zen Sun Eau de Toilette Fraiche. This beautiful scented Eau de Toilette comes in a rather lovely looking cubed bottle which has hints of red and pink in it which change depending on which way you turn the bottle to the light. I think this bottle looks lovely displayed on my dressing table and funnily enough I think that the red and pink colours really do reflect the fragrance, if you can understand that! 

This scent is of citrus, floral and amber with notes of cherry blossoms, bergamot and mango which  isn't too overpowering or sweet smelling. I think it smells beautiful and the floral notes of cherry blosson and the fruity fragrance of mango really appeal to me being personal favourites of mine. Zen Sun is a great fragrance for spring and summer, it's so 'pretty' (if you can describe a fragrance like that!) and light. My only bug bear with this fragrance is that it isn't as long lasting as I would like, I like to get whiffs of whatever fragrance I'm wearing throughout the day, however, as Shiseido Zen Sun is an Eau de Toilette and not a perfume this can be forgiven.

Shiseido Zen Sun is €56 for 100ml which really isn't a bad price at all considering how much is in the bottle and how long it will last for. You can read more about Zen Sun and browse through other amazing products Shiseido have to offer on the Shiseido Ireland website.

Stay pretty people!



  1. I needed to find a new perfume! Think I will give this one a go :)

    1. Definitely give it a spritz anyway, the scent is beautiful! :)

  2. The bottle looks lovely and you have done a great job of describing the scent, will look out for it.

    1. Thank you Andrea, the bottle is gorgeous :)

  3. thanks for sharing! more interesting!

  4. I love Shiseido! Love it! It's been a long time since I owned one though...maybe is just time to buy one again.

    thank you for linking up with the #BSParty - pinned and shared x

  5. Shiseido has amazing products :) and the perfume must be good and smell fine, the design of the bottle is cute but i prefer generic perfumes, it's more cheap, has the same fragrance but the package is more common.


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