Thursday, May 29, 2014

Box Upon A Time - Box Number 2 ♥

 Box Upon A Time is a monthly subscription box service which specialises in children's clothes from 0-3 years. It's the only subscription box which I've ever gone and bought and I absolutely love it. The branding is adorable, the clothes are amazing and the customer service is fantastic. This is our second box, you can read about our first one and see the gorgeous clothes Tyler Lee got here. We've one more box to come, which I shall also feature on the blog and then I may get another, I swear I'm addicted! Tyler Lee received four pieces in this box and I love them all. I think two of the pieces are so chic and classical looking whilst the other is vibrant and fun for wearing this summer with his shorts. I haven't had a chance to put any of the clothes on him yet as two are long-sleeved and the weather is absolutely scorching at the moment but I can't wait for him to be sporting all of these, expect some outfit of the day posts from my boy in the coming months featuring these pieces. Our stylist's name was Marine and she really outdid herself with this selection!

My favourite piece from what Tyler Lee received is the Petit Pim Blue Smock Boats Bodysuit which is asbolutely gorgeous! It has that old-fashioned vibe to it which I love to dress my boy in, it's baby blue, has the most exquisite detailing with little sail boats on the chest piece, the colour is beautiful and the embroidery on the cuffs and hem is such a lovely touch. I was so delighted to see this in our box and I can't wait to see Tyler Lee wearing it. The value of this piece is £39.

The second piece my boy received is the L'asticot Green Stripes Bodysuit from L'asticot. I think is is such a fun and bright piece, green isn't a colour I'm usually drawn towards when buying clothes but I think these will be lovely with my boy's shorts.The value of this piece is £35.

The final piece is also from Petit Pim and it's there Navy Blue and White Top/Bottom Set. Navy is a colour which I love dressing Tyler Lee in so I was happy to see this as part of his box. It's quite big so I think it'll be a great little outfit for him in late summer/autumn time. This outfit and the Blue Smock Boats Bodysuit are made from Peruvian Pima Cotton and are incredibly soft, they'll be lovely against my little ones skin. The value of this piece is £26.

The total value of this box was £100 which I think is incredible considering the box itself was only £29 for me as I used a discount code - amazing value! I highly recommend Box Upon A Time to other fashion-conscious parents like me who love their little one to be sporting something a bit special. Plus, the surprise getting the box every week is something to look forward to, for me anyway! 

If you're interested in subscribing to Box Upon A Time you can register on their website and set up your own child's profile for clothing choices.




  1. oooh these look so good i might need to try it out

  2. Gorgeous clothing. I love the smocked body suit its adorable. x

  3. Those clothes are just gorgeous! I love the little two piece outfit x

  4. So cute the clothes! I Love all pieces =)=

  5. This is so sweet and cute. The box and the clothes are beautiful!

  6. I love all the clothes. What a great idea to have a subscription box for little ones! That would make a awesome gift for a baby shower! Thank you for sharing!!

  7. omg this is such a cute idea to have subbie boxes for little kids !!

  8. Gorgeous clothing. I love the smocked body suit.

  9. Cuuute clothing!)
    Love all pieces, especially the first one!

  10. The kids clothes are so cute. Love all pieces!

  11. The little baby blue smocking item is exquisite & looks excellent quality. Very impressed.


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