Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bedroom Makeover Wishlist - A New Bed ♥

For awhile now I've wanted to do up mine and Jacek's bedroom, it's quite feminine already but I'd like something a bit more classic looking with softer colours, white furniture and a more shabby chic looking vibe to it. One key item I'd like to change in our room is the bed. We have a king size bed which is far too big for our room and although we love having a big bed a double would do us fine. Also, the frame on our bed is horrible and bulky and the headboard is just plain and boring. When I lived with my parents I had the most beautiful and comfortable bed which had a canopy above it and a swirly metal headboard, it was gorgeous, since I left home I've been lusting after my old bed and actually all the furniture in my own room but it's time I went and actually bought a new bed. I've been browsing online for a new bed as the prices online are far cheaper than in local furniture stores here. I've found a lovely selection of upholstered beds which have a real elegant, classic looking vibe to them and the prices are fantastic too, so affordable. I think these beds would look lovely in our room and be quite comfortable too at such an inexpensive price.

I like the look of this Limelight Saturn upholstered bed frame. I like the mix of the chunky oak pillars with the fabric and I think it'd match the built-in wardrobes in our room quite well. I think the quilting on the headboard and footboard looks lovely and quite sophisticated, perfect for an adults room.

If we want to make the room a bit more glamorous looking I think this Limelight Orbit upholstered bed frame would be a great choice. This is upholstered in luxurious black velvet and has a scrolled footboard and headboard, I think it's gorgeous! It also comes in a minky colour which may be a better option for our room but I think it'd fit in great and would look much better than the bed we have now.

I can't wait to make some improvements to our home, especially the bedroom. The sooner that big, uncomfortable bed goes the better! Are you making any home improvements at the moment?



  1. ooh the first bed is lovely - a nice neutral colour so you could redecorate at a later date without it looking out of place.

  2. I agree, I would definitely go with the first bed being a wood lover its gorgeous.

    1. Glad you like the look of it too Sharon :)


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