Friday, April 04, 2014

Cup Of Cupcake Anyone? ♥

Hello beauties! With it being the start of the weekend I just had to tease you all with pictures of cakes and better yet it's cakes that I made so after all my hard work I get to enjoy these sweet treats, hopefully this post will inspire some of you to get creative in the kitchen this weekend too! I've wanted to bake a cupcake in a teacup for a long time now, don't ask, I saw it in a baking book and when I get my mind set on something I just have to do it. I wasn't able to get my hands on any vintage inspired teacups but whilst out shopping yesterday I spotted these silicone teacup molds complete with saucers and I just had to get them. My lemon drizzle cupcakes baked really well in these and I love how sweet they look when baked. I wanted these to look like frothy cappuccinos - coffee rather than tea, so I was very generous with my vanilla frosting and sprinkles. I added some silver pearls too just to add to the overall decoration of the cupcakes. These are most definitely a sweet treat, it's really a shame to eat them but hey, it has to be done!

These teacups and saucers will be perfect for when I'm having a little get together with the girls and want to make something sweet for us all to enjoy. They're the perfect accessory for any tea party - a cupcake in a teacup, I think they're so twee! These are a great alternative for people like me who don't drink hot drinks, cake is a much sweeter option. I got four cups and saucers for €5 in my local discount store, what a bargain!

Stay pretty people!



  1. Oh my goodness, those cakes look absolutely amazing! Unfortunately I am a terrible baker (and awful cook in general) so I won't be able to ever recreate those.

    DEFINITELY could eat them though!

  2. Ahh we have some of these molds, they're so cute - my stepdaughters love them!
    Your cupcakes look amazing, I love your frosting <3

    Jess xo

  3. Oh these are fabulous, they make enjoying a cupcake even more fun - so cute! x

  4. These look delicious - deffo hungry now! ahah :)

  5. These look great Fiona, definitely would love to try this out! :-)

  6. Looks so delicious! Can I have one dear? Yumm! :)

  7. Lovely <3
    You have a very nice blog. Keep it up!

    Andera |

  8. These cupcake mould are fantastic!!! I have definitely got to get me some of these!!

  9. WOuld <3 to com for tea + cupcakes :)

  10. this is so cute! I thought you placed the cupcake in the tea cup but it a mold wow I want them!
    such a great idea

  11. These are so cute. My little cousin loves tea parties, these would be awesome for her weekend visit.

  12. These are so pretty! Who wouldn't want one? Visiting from Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party!

  13. These are just too adorable and wish I could grab them from my monitor and eat one :)
    Marie @ The Interior Frugalista


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