Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Wonderful Easter Weekend ♥

 This was Tyler Lee's second Easter and what a wonderful Easter weekend we had together. We spent lots of time outdoors as the sun was shining and the weather was glorious and I was so glad of that. Usually special ocassions are marred by bad weather so to see the sun shining all weekend was a rare but beautiful thing. On Saturday we joined my aunt who is Tyler Lee's godmother and my little cousin who's name is funnily enough a T.L. too at an Easter egg hunt in Fota House and Gardens - the questions during the hunt being surprisingly hard enough! This was our third time at Fota House and Gardens this week but we never get bored of the place, it's truly beautiful there this time of year. After all our egg hunting and question answering the two T.L.'s met the Easter bunny and thankfully Tyler Lee didn't roar in his face, he was just in awe looking around at the people everywhere. They then collected their eggs and went to get their face's painted. T.L. opted for a bunny and I decided to get Tyler Lee a little bunny on his face, suprisingly he stayed still and tilted his head to the side to let the girl paint on his face, how very accommodating he was! He looked adorable with his little bunny painting  and was wearing his handsome handmade cardigan with chevron bow-tie set from The Humble Lemon so I just had to get some pictures. I got some gorgeous shots of the two children sitting under a magnolia tree and those cuddles weren't for show, they absolutely love each other and Tyler Lee can't get enough of T.L., it's so sweet to see them together.

On Easter Sunday I gave Jacek an Easter basket of chocolate goodies Tyler Lee and I prepared for him and Tyler Lee also explored the contents of his own Easter basket, taking a particular liking to his white chocolate egg! We then visited my grandparents, I wanted to show Tyler Lee's outfit off to my Nan as he was wearing a beautiful mint green cardigan with ruffles and flower buttons that she knit him before he was even born. Funnily enough he also wore a mint green cardigan last Easter, it must be his Easter colour, maybe we'll make this a tradition? We then had dinner in my parents house before sitting out in the garden for awhile where Tyler Lee making friends with Sassi the cat. It was a wonderful weekend and I'm so glad we got to see so many people, enjoy time together outdoors and make some more lovely memories together.

Long weekends like this are the best. I hope we can enjoy a few more like this before the year is out. The sunshine just makes everyone so much happy, especially my little bunny babe and I guess all the Easter egg chocolate added to everyone's happiness a little bit too.



  1. Your kids are so cute! Have a happy Easter! :)

    1. Only one is my child - Tyler Lee. The other is my cousin as it states in the post but thank you.

  2. What a cute little blue bunny ❤
    The magnolia tree and the garden photos are so beautiful
    Happy Easter! :)

  3. Great post. Everything looks wonderful!

  4. Qué fotos tan bonitas, aprovechando las vacaciones y el buen tiempo con los niños

  5. lovely pictures, and beautiful tree in the background

  6. Happy Easter!! Glad to see you spent such a lovely weekend. Both TLs are adorable. :D

  7. Looks like you had such a fun Easter weekend, and Tyler Lee's hat is just adorable x

  8. Happy Easter! What a lovely kids: )

  9. Aw lovely pictures Hun!


  10. Having some fun with our family is so relaxing. being with your kids and your husband makes our day complete... have time to relax have some fun enjoy life :)

  11. I love the pictures under the Magnolia trees and that bunny hat. Sounds like a wonderful Easter. Thank you for linking up with 'Lets Have an Adventure' :)

  12. What fantastic Easter bunnies they make, you can tell they absolutely adore each other!

  13. Thank you so much for linking up to Let's have an adventure :) I love these photos! Their face painting is so so sweet x


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