Friday, March 28, 2014

#Project365 - Picture Number 81 - 87 ♥

This week marks twelve weeks of everyday picture taking for me, that's three months! Isn't it amazing how quickly the year is going by?

On Saturday my boy was rocking his chevron leg warmers and you know what? He absolutely loves wearing them! I guess he feels free and not restrained by trousers or jeans and is able to move as freely as he wants, plus he's getting some air to his little legeens! When the weather gets warmer I'll have him in leg warmers all the time for toddling around the house and garden.

On Sunday we had a very lazy day and my babe went for a nap in the afternoon, he seems to be introducing his afternoon naps back into his routine again this week. I love this picture I captured when I was playing peek-a-boo with him through his bedroom door. He literally just woke up so he has a messy bed-head and sleepy eyes. I used this picture for my Living Arrows image this week.

On Monday my boy was as good as gold entertaining himself as I did some typing for his daddy. When his daddy came home from work LeeLee didn't want to do anything but sit by him, chewing on his keys and watching TV. I think it's safe to say that daddy is the favourite in this house!

 On Tuesday my boy was delighted with his 'My daddy...' book from Love2Read and even had a go of reading it himself. You can see him smiling at all the pictures of him and his daddy.

On Wednesday my little fairy man had a great time exploring the grounds of Blarney Castle with his daddy and I. I just couldn't resist putting him amongst all the daffodils, spring is here after all!

On Thursday I dressed my little love in some new clothes and took him out the back garden to get some pictures for his outfit of the day post, however, he was more interested in eating the stones.

 On Friday my baby went to bed snuggled up with his PupPup and his warm beanie polar bear. It's so funny how he likes to fall asleep on top of a fluffy blanket rather than under it and how he tucks his dummy in behind his lip, I love his little quirks, they make him unique.



  1. All the photographs are beautiful but the one with the daffodils is just adorable, we actually have one at home of my sister and I when we were about 2 & 6 sitting in a big pile of daffodils in the garden at home!

    1. Thank you Sharon. Children in a pile of daffodils is a shot that every home should have :)

  2. Well, your little man is too cute! I love how you chronicle his days. He will love to read these one day. So wonderful to meet another rad mama blogger =)

    1. Thank you Carmen! Yes I love my #Project365, so glad I did this so he can have memories of a time he will never remember himself :)

  3. Wow, awesome photos, Fiona!)

  4. Hey Fiona. What a great way to keep a diary for your little guy that he can look back on when he is older and stir up those memories. Love those natural curls !!!

  5. He is so adorable. That hair is beautiful. Visiting from Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party!

  6. Each & every photo is so cute :)


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