Friday, January 31, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 31 - Pillow Talk ♥

Today is the last day of January and one month completed of my #Project365, I'm already looking back of the photos and swooning over my baby boy. I think he looks different in every picture I take and I love looking at all his little facial expressions, I'm so glad that I began this project, it's something very dear to me. Today Tyler Lee received his second birthday gift and these were from his Grandad, my father. He was sent two suede pillows with his pictures on them, such a cool idea for a gift right?! Tyler Lee found it very amusing seeing himself on the pillows and began scratching at the suede. These pillows are not sitting on my bed and are a great addition to the room. Thanks to my Dad for these because I know he reads my blog!

I'm so glad he was smiling for his final picture of the month. He's a lucky boy getting presents before his actual birthday!



  1. What a cutie, love the cheeks! My son is turning 2 on 2/9, sounds like they're close to the same age!

    1. Thank you Emily! Yes my son will be one on February 16th :)

  2. He's too sweet!! You have a perfect baby boy!! <3 And he's an aquarius, what more could you wish for? haha. He's on my team. xoxo

    1. Thank you Alexandra! Haha yes an Aquarius, I need to read more about the starsign :)


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