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Blogging | What's the Problem? ♥

 I wasn't going to even write this as my blog is meant to be about all the things I love and want to share with the world and this topic is something I most definitely do not love, however, I felt I had to write about it. I have been blogging now for just under a year, Dolly Dowsie is actually my second blog and I absolutely love writing, sharing my loves and recommendations with the world, my blog is for me to express these things and if others enjoy it then that really is the cherry on the cake. I was left horrified and appalled last night when, via Twitter, I stumbled onto a forum about blogging, which I am not going to name as I don't even want it to get anymore hits, mainly beauty blogging as far as I could see, which has a section on 'Abhorred Bloggers' full of threads slating and berating well known (well to me anyway) beauty bloggers. 

Now I understand that when you make your image and thoughts accessible the public domain you will always come across some negativity, that's just the way of people, always very quick to focus on the negative rather than positive aspects these days, but these threads were different. These threads weren't just general criticisms on bloggers and aspects of their blogs which weren't appealing to these people, they were purely set up as far as I could see to spout pure nastiness and hatred, it was disgusting. Also, what was even more shocking these statements of utter bitchiness were coming from fellow bloggers!

Now we all know that these things usually stem from jealousy, which most probably is the case considering these bloggers are quite successful but this is no excuse. It's never okay to publicly bash someone and it was awful to see so many people join in on these 'discussions'. No wonder so many people are put off and give up blogging if these are the sort of people within the community. It's just blogging, what's the problem? I know it's hard but I would strongly urge people not to take these sorts of comments to heart if they ever find themselves being the target of a small number of vile characters within the blogging community. I have fortunately only come across two people slating my work, I confronted one but just ignored the other. After becoming a mother a grew a backbone and will no longer let people walk all over me like I did before but I have learnt that it's better to ignore people who have nothing nice to say, the 'block' button is a wonderful thing. If someone wants to post about their favourite makeup products, a makeup look they created just for the fun of it, do a sponsored post, recommend a beauty product then what's the problem, that is their right and as long as they're not publishing hate speech then I think best of luck to them, I wish them every success with their blog, why can't others do the same?

After all this I decided to try and do something positive and put out a tweet urging people to join in, creating a chain of positive comments about fellow bloggers, Simply tag a blogger who you admire and say something positive about them using the hastag #bloglove, many people joined in, especially the parenting bloggers, a group which I have become more involved in recently. 

A blog is someones expression and opinion so to unjustly ridicule it is not on. Blogging is actually a lot of work and takes up a considerable amount of time so I commend people for sticking with it and  to call someones effort 'crap' is just terrible and very uncalled for. Of course we all have people we don't like for one reason or another and blog which just aren't our cup of tea but someone once told me if you've nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all - great advice, especially in this instance. A bit of support goes a long way and if you don't like a blog then don't read it, it's as easy as that people!



  1. Wow, that must have been awful to come across! I'm lucky in that I've never been the target of such people (at least that I'm aware of) but perhaps it's because my blog is still young and growing. As horrible as such sites are, they would never put me off blogging because the community of supportive bloggers is so much stronger from what I've seen so far, and that's exactly how it should be xx

    Jodie Marie, à la Jode

  2. Well written Hun, and it's a shame really you have had to write it, unfortunately people are the victim of jealousy, blogging is hard work time consuming and not easy so it shouldn't be criticised and not should people be nasty 😘

  3. Well said Fiona,if we all spent more time supporting each other instead of running each other down then it would be a better world.

  4. Great post! I couldn't agree more. I also cannot understand people who went the extra mile to actually drop a hate comment (i just experience one myself) in other people's blog, let alone make a forum to slate them! I am following you now dear :), cheers from a fellow blogger (and mother) from Indonesia!

  5. I could not agree more with you, Fiona! I have not come across this much in my own blogging experience and I have been blogging since 2007 but it is really such a shame that people can be so horrible about others. I think we all have our own unique voice and we ought to be supporting each other and encouraging one another rather than belittling each other. I commend you for writing this, bringing awareness to it and starting a positive conversation on twitter! Love you! xx

  6. It is so sad to be so many mean people..... There is space for all of us to blog....really what's the problem? We don't take anybody's place, there is room for everyone... Good for u to not take so seriously mean people....... I congrat you for this post doll!! Keep bloging with fun!!

  7. Wow, that is just disgusting. Another one of those dark corners of the internet. Unfortunately there will always be those people, I just hope anyone who's targeted knows that those comments have nothing to do with them and everything to do with the person that wrote them. x

  8. I loved reading this, I have only just started blogging myself. It is shocking that people feel they not only have to hate but have to say that hate out loud! It is in my opinion immature and as you grow up you realise this is the case and to ignore it. However, it is hurtful when you hear things or see things about yourself, I hope they didnt write anything too hurtful and you can tell them to kiss it! :) Thank you for sharing this, I think your blog is great! xo

  9. I loved reading this post, I have only just started blogging myself. It is shocking when people feel the need to not only hate on others but to voice that hate as well! When you grow up you do realise it is immaturity and they can just kiss it, so glad you were able to stick up for yourself! and I hope they didnt say anything too nasty because I have read a few of your blog posts and love them! :) xo

  10. I have my own thread on there now, and when I first found out (someone told me, I refuse to read it) I was literally heartbroken and felt like deleting my blog. I've never done anything to warrant so many people writing such vile nastiness about me?! I won't ever look on there, but the people who do write nasty comments anonymously really don't have any backbone and I'd love to see their blogs as they must be amazing to be able to criticise everyone so much! Great post! I think we should encourage one another, not berate eachother - it's just vile, and so playground!!!!


  11. I'm glad you wrote this. I've been aware of this particular site for a very long time now. And when I was actively blogging I would always go and check to see if anyone had started a thread to bash me. I guess thankfully I wasn't well known enough to be on there. It makes me sad to see it all. Everyone is entitled to having opinions and other things but there's having an opinion and being a straight up online bully. I think that line gets crossed multiple times on that site. Wonderful post Fiona! I'm just about ready to launch my new beauty blog and I want to come back to positivity <3

  12. Well said Fiona! I've been shown the forum you're talking about and I couldnt believe it. Its like high school all over again, but worse as most of these people are supposed to be adults - some of them bashing girls as young as 15!!! Its vile and pathetic. And like you said - its jealousy.

    Its such a shame when the minority have to spoil things for everyone, coz the vast majority of bloggers are lovely people

  13. It's horrid how some people look at bloggers! I'm glad you've wrote this post as it will make more people aware of this, as it's terrible people could be so vile about a group of people that have brought so much success and change online and in many industries :)
    Grace x

  14. Agree with everything you said, I signed up out of curiosity but haven't done anything since xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  15. I haven't been blogging for too long and I consider myself very lucky that I haven't met nasty people. I must agree with you, the best thing to do is to IGNORE people like that. If we decide to reply or even worse, show them we are frustrated with them and their comments, we only feed their desire to be mean. I believe people who can't appreciate hard work of others and the only thing they can do is to criticise in the worst possible way are only misserable with their own lives and they only deserve our pity. It's exactly the same as if it would be in the "outside" world. There were people that tried to bully me but to no avail. I ignored them because I knew that this way I was actually better than them. I love my life too much to waste any minute thinking about nasty comments made by people that doesn't even deserve my attention :)

    If it's any help girl, I love your blog and I like reading it and I would like to tell to those who doesn't enjoy it that they can go some pleace else ;) You're better than them, enjoy all those comments that are nice and block all those nasty people not just from your blog but from your mind as well

    Good Luck!

    Dash xx

  16. Well said! I will never understand why people feel the need to put others down. I think if it ever happened you should always remember that the person hurling abuse is very unhappy with their life (no excuse) and that your life and interests don't concern those negative people! x

  17. We came across a website like that but it was for Youtube beauty gurus. We literally just "skimmed" the page and i started crying because of all the ugly things people were saying. We quickly clicked off of it but it still broke our heart. It's just so sad that people just can't keep nastiness to themselves. Great post on an unfortunate topic.

  18. I agree with everything you said! I don't get way some people say ugly thing about others, if you don't like it, don't waist your time on it.


  19. I've heard about people being bitchy in the blogging world and I'm blessed that I haven't come across it. I agree, it does stem from a form of jealously. They wonder why that blogger gets to work with that brand or has hundreds and thousands of followers. Those bloggers worked their asses off to get to where they are. Blogging shouldn't be bitchy and competitive. It should be a community that helps one another to succeed. Great post and I'm glad that you wrote this post. Sometimes you need to voice how you're feeling and there's nothing wrong with that.


  20. Good on you for highlighting this! People are going to be mean whatever you do, whether its blogging, singing, acting etc people are always going to have something bad to say, but twice as much will have nice things to say you just have to take the good with the bad x

  21. I've been blogging on and off since 2009 and while the beauty industry is not in my field of interest or business I do see the amount of work that goes into them. I've also been the victim of trolling, where people have left negative comments either for their shock value or to try to get a rise from me. A couple of years ago it would have stopped me blogging but not anymore. I will always respond positively to any comment on my blog, unless it is abusive, then I'll delete the comment.

    Huge kudos to you for airing a 'touchy' subject that many shy away from.

  22. I love this post! And I definitely know what you're talking about. I have seen posts like that about a few of my favorite bloggers, and it annoys me just as much every time.

  23. Ugh, that sounds terrible! It sounds like it's a bit like Guru Gossip? What a mean-spirited site. There's no need for that at all. keep up the good work though! :)

    Belle Morte Beauty


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