Monday, September 02, 2013

The Gro Company - Sleepy Circus Grobag ♥

As a mother of a baby who loves to roll onto his tummy and pull blankets up over his face for comfort it's important for me to make sure he is safe whilst sleeping, that is why I prefer to use grobags rather than loose sheets or blankets. I just couldn't trust that Tyler Lee would remember or be able to pull them off his face while he's falling asleep and I'd rather sleep soundly knowing he was warm and comfy in a nice grobag. The Gro Company have a lovely range of adorable grobags and other fantastic products for babies and toddlers to make sure they are safe, comfortable and stylish while they sleep. Tyler Lee's grobag is the 'Sleepy Circus' design, a fun, bright, circus themed grobag with blue and white strips along with circus animals and a circus tent embroidered into it. It has really sweet details such as the elephants flappy ear or the flag on top of the circus tent design which are great little additions to the bag and something which caught Tyler Lee's eye as you will see in one of the pictures below. It's this attention to detail which I love about The Gro Company grobags.

The grobag is made from super soft cotton jersey which is really comfortable for a baby to sleep in and more importantly it is warm. When Tyler Lee sleeps in his bag all night and I take him out he is lovely and toasty so I know he is being kept warm and snug by it. His grobag is tog value 2.5, perfect for the coming autumn and winter which can be terribly cold here in Ireland. A 1.0 value tog grobag is also available from The Gro Company during the milder spring and summer months. Tyler Lee's grobag is aged 6-18 months so it will do him until he is one and half months of age, I think this is fantastic as I'd like to keep him in grobags for as long as I can. The Gro Company also cater for ages 0-6 and 18-36 months so I shall be getting another grobag after he outgrows his current one! It is very easy to put the baby into the grobag. It has a zip on all sides which, after placing the baby inside, you simply zip all the way around and there is a tab with a popper to cover the zip with to stop a baby or toddler from trying to open it. Then there are two poppers on each shoulder which secures the grobag around the baby or toddler and stops it from slipping down whilst they sleep, an essential for me as Tyler Lee scoots himself up to the top of his cot all the time now. The grobag washes very well and the colours do not fade at all, fantastic as I love the bright design, it's so cute and matches with the circus mobile my mother has in her cot for Tyler Lee perfectly so The Gro Company grobag always goes to Nana's house with him when he's having a sleepover! The grobag also came with a free nursery thermometer, user guide and safe sleep information, safety first for our little angels. The 'Sleepy Circus' Grobag is 29.99 pounds and is worth every penny not only for the length of time you'll get out of the product but also for the peace of mind it'll give you that your child is sleeping safe and soundly.

 You can see the full range of The Gro Company products on their website where you can find a full list of international online and instore stockists and also shop from The Gro Company store.



  1. I love Tyler smile :) so adorable ^_~

  2. We have the same one and love it! Just retired it as it was a 1 tog and its just getting a little chilly now, I'm gutted! Sarah

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it?! Awh what a shame, time to repurchase one in 2.5 tog ;)

  3. Oh it's gorgeous! I've just got an Asda one for Noah for summer as we knew it wouldn't get used much, he slept naked for several weeks! Will need to invest in a lovely new winter one soon though xx

    1. Yeah Sian I had a lighter one for Tyler Lee for the summer but the tog on this one is great for autumn/winter xo

  4. YOUR SON HAS VERY LOVELY EYES MASHA ALLAH! <3 (in arabic we say Masha Allah for something that God has made beautiful)


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