Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tresses Thursday #2 - Wonderful Waves ♥

It's Thursday so I wanted to continue with my 'Tresses Thursday' series where I share with you some fabulous hairstyles, products, tips and tricks. A few months back my lovely mother bought me Hask Moroccan Argan Oil 'Healing Shine Hair Treatment' and I've been loving this product ever since. 

I have naturally curly/wavy hair which tends to go a bit frizzy after washing or in heavily moisturised conditions - which of course are very rare in Ireland so I decided to begin using this product as part of my daily hair care routine. When I wash my hair I add a small, pea sized amount of the Argan oil to the ends of my hair and use a comb to spread it evenly through the hair. I avoid the root area as I feel this would make my hair appear greasy instead of the shiny effect I desire if I applied it to the top. After blow drying my hair it is smooth and has a lovely shine, usually my hair is strained looking after drying and needs a once over with the hair straightener so I was delighted to see that this product works instantly. I am so impressed with the effect it has had on my hair and I cannot stop feeling my hair as it feels silky smooth due to the added Keratin in the Argan oil. The oil itself is only €2.50 in Penneys for an 18ml capsule which is more than enough as you only need to use a small amount at a time. The Argan oil can be used on either wet or dry hair so it is simple to include in a daily haircare routine. I would rate this product five stars, it's amazing and for only €2.50 I shall definitely be investing in it again.

My hairstyle of the week is side swept waves. This look really has a touch of Hollywood glamour to it and is really simple and easy to achieve for an elegant look to your hair. This look is also a favourite of countless celebrities. The waves suit all hair shades and types so it's perfect for anyone to try and you can go as volumised or teased as you like to create your desired effect and get a look which is so effortlessly chic.

To achieve the look follow these simple steps -

1.Begin by washing your hair with a smooth and shine shampoo and conditioner to control any frizz breakouts and to create a sleek shine to the hair.

2. Scrunch the ends of your hair with a pea sized amount of styling mousse and leave them loose to dry. You may also use a curling rod/hair straightener to curl the ends once your hair is dry if you desire to do so.

3. Flip your hair forward and comb near the roots with a brush to add some volume or simply smooth in some volume-creating styling mousse to create a real va va voom effect.

4. Use hairpins to hold all your hair to one side and add a shimmery clip or hair accessory to finish the look and to add a touch of glamour.

Voila, a simple yet effect hairstyle which is sure to gain you some compliments. I am such a big fan of wavy and curly hairstyles as I think they look so chic. The waves are so feminine and very pretty on any face shape. Are you a fan of this hair style?



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