Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pretty Post #2 ♥

It's fair to say I am a snail mail addict and I love sharing what post I receive every week with others. So far this year I have taken a picture of every item of post I have received and uploaded it into a Facebook album, it'll be great to look back on December 31st and see my year of pretty post! I have had people ask me where I found my pen pals. I joined a site called Interpals in 2009 and made lots of lovely and interesting pals from there, last year though I deleted my profile on that site as there were far too many people acting like it was a dating site rather than a site for friendship - not my thing! I now use two Facebook groups to find new pals and interact with other snail mailers - Letters and Swaps and International Penpals. I will say though that if you are thinking about taking up snail mail as a hobby please be committed to forming friendships through letter writing. Far too many times I have come across people who are charmed by the hobby simply because they want to receive a letter or a package from abroad, this is NOT what the hobby is about, it is about forming true, genuine friendships through letter writing. Anyway, enough of the public service announcement, let me show you all the pretty post I received from April 8th to April 12th.

1. My birthday gifts from my pal Bee from Ireland. Cath Kidston Cherry Blossom Hand Creme and Hand Wash and NYC Quarto Eye Shadow. She also sent an adorable teddy bear for Tyler.

2. My second letter from the delightful Daisy from The Netherlands. She is so creative, this letter came with a Snow White theme. She also included a foot scrub for me.

3. My first letter from Nadia, an American lady travelling throughout Europe. She sent this letter while she was in London.

4. My wish list swap from Annika in the Netherlands, lots of angel and floral goodness! I love everything!

5. My first letter from Asta from Finland. Her writing paper is just beautiful, I love anything with a Parisian theme. She also sent some Moomin pants for Tyler, so cute!

6. Gifts from the lovely Cher from Ireland, a lady from my pregnancy group. She sent me a guardian angel bracelet along with a cute bib and adorable lamb rattle for Tyler!

7. My Cara Box exchange with my pal Vicky from England. She sent me such gorgeous things! A post inspired bag - my new makeup bag! A peacock feather style bangle, a mood ring, an English postbox photo/note holder, a fairy necklace, a pretty trinket box, a blue heart shaped photo frame and she put my favourite picture of Tyler in it, a floral headband and some floral nail decals, amazing!

Thank you so much to all these beautiful ladies for some amazing, pretty post!

Stay pretty people and pick up a pen!



  1. I love getting post! You've received some gorgeous letters, it's lovely that people put such effort into them.

    Jesss xo

    1. Thank you for reading Jess. I was so lucky to receive all this wonderful post last week, the effort was amazing xo

  2. Lovely collection. Thats so impressive. I really like the definition of pen pals that you have defined. Really I am genuinely impressed. I will be checking on this blog frequently.

    1. Thank you for reading Arif. My pals are wonderful. Please feel free to check back every week for this feature!

  3. Aww! I think these are really sweet, touching and sentimental. Great way to relive writing letters since we're living in a modern era. :)


    1. I have been reliving vintage communications for four years this summer and shall never stop. Thank you for reading Arra :)

  4. I've always wanted a pen pal!! I signed up for a pen pal organization when I was like 15... But they never gave me a pen pal!! It seems like such a neat way to get to know someone!! Great post dear!!

    1. That's such a shame. The two Facebook pages I mentioned in this post are great for making true, genuine pals.

  5. I see my letter in there!!! Yay!!! xx

  6. I see my letter included in this one, yay!!! xx


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